Obama's Oprah Problem

housefulMay 21, 2012

When Oprah "decided" to leave her daytime show, it never occurred to me it was because her ratings were slipping. I was never a viewer, so it made no difference to me. I do, however, remember the backlash she received from choosing Obama over Hillary.

This article basically says she thought she was bulletproof, and Obama seems to feel the same about himself. I have to agree with that.

In a nutshell:

"Which only proves that what Americans hate the most is a phony. A fugazee."

Only time will tell!

Here is a link that might be useful: Obama's Oprah Problem

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FTA: Obama says he is a Christian and then takes positions on matters such as gay marriage and abortion that most Christians canâÂÂt reconcile with their faith. And that confuses Christians and non-Christians alike.

I am not confused. How many people are confused?

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Not clear about his stand--confused? No, that would be me being kind. I understand what he is doing. The writer was being diplomatic, that's all. No one is confused; right? Obama's a typical politician, that's all. Nothing he says can be believed.

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Obama has a personal belief that he says has evolved. Elvis, are you saying that he is LYING about his personal belief?

If you believe something and later change your mind - shall I call you a liar and say that you can't be believed? Or shall I in good faith trust that you in fact did change your mind?

A belief seems a very personal thing and I am willing to extend him that trust that he did in fact change his mind. A lot of people have over this very issue.

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Sure, I'll accept that as long as you accept that Romney can change his mind, too.

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What has Romney changed his mind about? Apparently support for abortion. And yes, I fully believe he changed his mind on that.

So yes, Romney can change his mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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