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earthworm73(WA z8)July 21, 2011

So me and the wife made a trek to a nursery we "discovered" and I was floored as to the selection. They had things I thought I would be only able to get via the internet mail order. I'm talking about CIDP, brehea armata, silver med fan palms, ensete ventricosum, musa basjoo, etc. Most of these I thought I would never see in stores outside of California, Arizona, Nevada and maybe southern Oregon. I was excited to say the least. So I grabbed some things but I had to get outta there before I needed to get a 2nd mortgage in order to cover the cost. lol So here is what I came home with.

B. capitata with a water bottle sprayer for scale

T. Takil

The tag that claims its a takil

Takil frond. Looks different than my fortunei and doesn't look like any waggies I've seen.

The takil was hidden behind a bounch of other plants in a corner. Looked like somebody was hiding for themselves. The wife with her eagle eyes found it after I walked by it. It was the only one left. Gotta love women. All in all it was worth the 100 miles drive round trip. I noticed the emerging frond on the pindo are yellow with green borders is that normal?

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Wow, great palms! Those pots are the same kind I had on my banana tree. Anyway, great pindo.
What is the T.Takil? I dont know a whole lot of palms by the scientific names.
Im going to a nusery tommorow. I hope they have some cool palms like the ones you got. I dont have any money but it dosent hurt to look around!
That was defenitly worth the trip. Very nice palms!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Hunter thanx. Yeah everything was reasonable. We spent almost 90 minutes there. It was crazy. Takil is a cousin of the Chinese Windmill palm. Just suppose to grow taller and be a little more cold hardy. There is debate is any takils of any size exist in the U.S. so most people call "takils" naini tal. Pindos are definately one of my top 3 fav plams. It's going in the ground next spring and will be babied for years to come. Anybody know if pindo get lighter in color as they get older?

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I think your takil is probably a Nanital. Still a beautiful palm though! Those are fantastic plants!
I found a Dicksonia Antarctica Tree Fern at a nursery in So Cal recently for 22 dollars and its a 3 gallon plant! I would never find something like that in NYC!

Hunter, Takil is a very rare species of Trachycarpus, which is a lot rarer than was once thought. Most Takils are actually Nanital. Im not sure what the difference is, but its not major. The cold tolerance of Takils, Nanitals, and Fortunei (the common windmill palm) is all about the same. There are really nice trachycarpus species out there. My favorite is HANDS DOWN T. princeps. Its hard to find one thats really nice and silver though.

Good luck!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Alex thanks for the kind words. I'm cool with it being a naini tal. I had a t. latisectus in my cart on working my way to the checkout counter when the wife spotted this. I knew it was more hardy than the latisectus. I got a musa basjoo to. Next season the wife and I are planning a big landscape job for the back yard and I can't wait to put that pindo in the ground. She wants to keep the takil/nainital in a plnater for a house plant. I don't think so. The banana is going in right after I write this.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

I just went to a nusery and they had huge triangle palms, a queen palm an 5 8ft. tall foxtails! They had others but I forgot the names.

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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Hey earthworm...I'm in Washington too...What nursery did you find those at??


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earthworm73(WA z8)

knotz, Christianson's in Mt. Vernon. It's kinda off the beaten path but worth it IMO. BTW I'm up in Bellingham and you?

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