any one growing palms in ky? can it be done?

kyboiJuly 30, 2008

im new here, and was just wondering if anyone is growing any palms in ky, i have a t.fortuni in the ground, just put it there a couple months back and hoping it will grow. any advise would be great, also got some livistonia, chinese fan palms they were put in the ground back in late feb or march, had some leaf burn from the frost but are doing good other wise, thanks.

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lovethosepalms(z6 ky)


Yes, I do, here is a picture of one of my Windmills in a snow storm in March of this year. I could not sleep so I was looking around the forum early this morning but heading back to bed to get a few Z's. I will try to get some information for you about what I did to my Palms the first few winters and spring. But for now here is the pic. Winter in Kentucky could be on a Hallmark card, LOL

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nice pic. thanks for sharing this one.

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I think I remember seeing that pic last winter,was there another pic with ice on it?How about posting a pic of it now?I would love to see how its doing.

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lovethosepalms , thanks for your posting, how do you protect it in winter? i have a trachy that is close to the same size from what i can tell by the picture that i bought in richmond back in june, i hope it makes it, it is such a beautifull palm and is getting new fans now, i also have a small haye's stiffie from louisville that survised -5f as a seedling, in a pot, supossedly. well post some current pics if you can, any info would be great, i am in south east ky, and the snow back in march was just a dusting here i was hoping i could just let it go without protection, but im scared to try, do you protect yours now? and how long have you had it in the ground? thanks.

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I have four Trachy's in the ground in Richmond. Last winter was their first and they came through beautifully! There was about a week to ten days that got down below 20 deg in the evening, I just put an outdoor floodlight on them directly on those nights to provide a few extra degrees. They're booming and growing now in their 2nd season.

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I lived in Lexington untill the end of May, I now live in Jacksonville, Florida. I love seeing more people in Kentucky growing palms. Where were all of you when I was in Kentucky, lol. Anyways keep up the planting of palms in KY. I still am by giving fmily members in Lexington and Glasgow Windmill Palms.

Keep KY Palmy,

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lovethosepalms(z6 ky)


I have not forgotten you, I have just been looking through old pictures, and getting them together in order to post them, but if your Palm is the size of mine it will be a big undertaking to completely protect it. Last year in Dec. I took some Xmas lights and put around the trunk and did nothing else. I'm not sure if the Xmas lights help at all but it made me feel better.

Jake, why in the world would you leave the tropical state of Kentucky for Fl. my god man what are you thinking, lol, I wish I could follow you down there. I hate it when it gets cold here.

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Florida does open up the option of more palms to grow and I like that. But, I always liked Winter, I no a winter loving palm lover, crazy, lol. I like Snow to, atleast my last Snow was the half foot I got in Lexington this past March's snowstorm.

Anyway, this Summer hasn't been any hotter then any I ever expirinced in KY. From what I have read on the Lexinton CBS stations blog and what my family in Lexington has said, it has been hotter in KY than here in Northeast Florida. Oddly enough, it isn't as humid here as it is in KY during the Summer. Maybe it's because I am 18 miles from the beach and the seabreeze reaches us by early evening. But even during the day it hasn't felt as humid here.

Keep KY Palmy,


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fredbuddy(8a/ SC)

A guy I know in Whitley county, Ky equidistant to Williamsburg, Corbin and Williamsburg in Rockhold,KY grows Rhapidophyllum hystrix(large clump 8x20), S. minors(naturalizing), Sable 'Louisiana', Sable Palmetto, Trachycarpus fortunii.All wityh no protection! His T. fortunii form seed is now 8 feet tall and very healthy. Until this year it was under a large white pine. The pine is now removed and the palm is speeding growth. He also has med fan outside against house with no protection.

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I'm very close to that area does he sell any of his palms? Where was I when there were all these KY members on here. there all gone now.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

my thoughts exactly miketropic

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guess they couldn't hack it and let there palms die in a nice KY cold snap. thats ok we can pick up the pieces, im on the hunt for new palms right now!

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