Not Giving Up!

Sancho_Panza_OK(7)August 16, 2012

Not giving up yet: today I transplanted collard and cucumber seedlings outdoors, after starting them last month inside. All that's left under the grow lights now is the Blue Dwarf kale. (The Red Russian kale grew so fast indoors that I had to transplant it well before the OSU-recommended date of Sept. 1; it was outgrowing the peat pots.)

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Sancho, I have never grown the Red Russian Kale, It sounds pretty. Does it have crinkly edges? I have pretty much have cut back to Siberian Kale, It grows well for me and I can buy the seeds cheap at the Co-op. I plan on planting Kale, Mustard, and Collards before long.

I want to plant Read Sails lettuce and China red meat radishes but have not ordered seeds. I have checked several times at the Co-op and they have not had them.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I never give up completely, or almost never. We have been harvesting tomatoes, peppers, okra and melons throughout July and August, but most everything else is toast.

It has rained enough now that weeds are sprouting, so I should not have any trouble getting a fall garden going. My challenge will be to keep the grasshoppers from eating everything down to the ground. They always seem to prefer my veggie garden plants to the weeds, and I wish it was the other way around.

Because rain has fallen a couple of times lately, some of the summer garden I'd stopped watering even is reviving, but I still have a lot of tomato plants to remove in order to have room for cool-season crops for fall. I've already taken out 4 rows of tomato plants and put southern peas and bush beans in their place, and I am getting ready to remove the 7 short rows of paste tomato plants to make room for collards, Swiss chard, spinach and kale.

The rain has revived the 'Seminole' winter squash and it is putting out new leaves and is blooming again. It has a lot of half-mature squash I thought we'd lose after I stopped watering, but since then we have had just enough rainfall to keep it hanging on. The other winter squash plants are dead though, and so are the pumpkins.

Larry, I grew Red Russian kale this past winter and spring and it is just beautiful with really ruffled edges and purplish veins in the leaves. I have grown it before, but had forgotten how pretty it is. I had it growing in between black kale (aka as Lacinato or dinosaur kale) and blue kale. All of them grew like mad and were gorgeous and tasty. Of the three, the Red Russian did the best in our hotter-than-usual winter and spring weather, and the dinosaur kale did better than the blue kale.

I hope I have seed left over from spring because all the seed racks have been removed from the local stores here. They'll be back later on, but usually not until October. I wish they'd leave the seed racks out year-round, but they don't. Even before our farm store pulled out their seed racks, everything was on clearance in early to mid-summer, so by the time fall planting time rolled around, there wasn't much left on them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of Red Russian Kale

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Larry, Baker's has Chinese Red Meat radishes as well as Red Kale. They have the dinosaur kale too. The web address is

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