Coconut Palms

TommoJuly 13, 2011

I am considering the purchase of an empty lot here in west coastal Mexico. There are several mature coconut palms. The soil around these palms has either eroded or compacted, leaving some bare roots. These palms appear to be otherwise healthy.

I would like to raise the level of the property. I have two questions:

Is it safe to raise the level of the soil to a level that would bury the exposed roots?

Could the level of the soil be raised further up the trunk of the tree without endangering the palms? If so, how high could I go?



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You can raise the soil enough to cover up the roots of the coconut palms, and maybe an inch or 2 higher, but I wouldnt do more than that. I would watch out for flooding because there must be a bit of water flowing during bad storms.

P.S. The coconuts will be fine without the extra soil so if thats the only reason why you are adding soil, you dont have to worry.

Good luck!!

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