I have tried

GeneTheNewGuyAugust 16, 2012

I have tried. I washed the car and the truck. I've washed the windows. Still no rain. Maybe I should put up an old fashioned clothes line and hang out some laundry. Think that might help?

I'm out of ideas. The last time I asked an Indian friend if he would do a rain dance he frowned and said something about foolish white men stereotypes. (Just kidding on that one)

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Have you tried cloud seeding? Just kidding.....


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Maybe I should plan a big backyard barbeque with adult liquid refreshments and invite lots of people. Maybe this will bring the rain. It did last time.

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Ok, that last plan might work... I got it scheduled for the 31st of August.

Did all the others, clothesline as well, as I do dry my laundry outside.

Even letting it hang overnight hasn't done anything yet.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

The way I make it rain is to "give up", drag out the sprinklers and water the yard (not the garden---it has drip lines). After I water the yard, dragging the hose from the east side of the house, then around to the north, west and south, etc., it will rain. This is especially true if I leave the sprinkler on one section of the yard and go to town. It inevitably will start raining while I am in town so I look like a fool watering my yard in the rain. This is what has worked somewhat well for me this year.

It didn't work at all last year. By this time last year, we'd had maybe 11" of rain for the year, and no amount of watering the yard would make it rain. I'm having a better year in 2012 than last year by far, but most of you probably are having a worse year than last year.

The only other thing I can think of would be to start painting the house. All we have to do is talk about painting the house, and the rain starts falling on the very day we are scheduled to begin painting.

Don't give up. Rain usually returns in September, if not in August, and September is getting closer every day.


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lol Gene that was too funny.


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