Newport Beach Coconut update picture

cmventuraJuly 20, 2014

Here a picture I took today of the Newport Beach coconut. It looks absolutely terrible, even though we've had a warm and humid spring and summer and the 2013/2014 winter being sunny and warm. It is just a reminder that coastal Southern California is not tropical, even though we like to landscape with tropical plants all over.

I saw many younger coconut palms this year in Maui and the trunks were twice as thick and the crowns were full, lush and green.

Sorry for the poor quality, I took them while I was driving :/

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If it were an animal people would be demanding that it be euthanised to put it out of its misery. There are a number of people who try to look after this palm by watering and fertilising. Problem is there's a big risk of over fertilising and poisoning it because there's no coordination. And over enthusiastic people would easily over water it during winter when it doesn't want cold water around its roots. It's has a very precarious existence there.

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I wasn't aware that there are people who water and fertilize it. I do have to say this is the worse I've seen it in a long time. I think it might actually not be getting enough water. There is very little soil around it and it is planted right next to a enormous Washingtonia so any person that comes to water it probably isn't watering it enough to get moisture down to the roots. I don't know. How long will it last? It if looks this bad for this coming winter then this might be the last we see of it.

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It was never well taken care of. Not enough summer water or room. What it did thrive on was that asphalt and concrete increasing the heat. It grew above that "thermal blanket"..and is now cold and thirsty.
Two fronds in late July? Not enough.
The owner should plant another young one. I see some with feathery leaves at HD on occasion. I gave up on them when a: My coconut died indoors from something one winter after doing well for two years ,And b: My King palms grew enough trunk..close enough in look.

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Thanks for the update, very sad to see. I think the combination of California's dry and cool (for coconut palms at least) climate, as well as the huge washingtonia that is competing for the small amount of root space there is there is why it's on it's way out. I wonder if it would be doing better if the washingtonia wasn't there, but I think it's at a point of no return now. I'm amazed that the mild winter in California this past year didn't help it out.

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It looks like it hasn't be getting enough water. Hope it makes it.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

It's too cold in Newport Beach for that variety of Palm. Queen and Mexican Fan Palms do fine, but Coconut palms need steamy humid weather, like they get in Hawaii and Florida.

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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

It looks much better than when I last saw it, 5-6 years ago.

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It actually looks better than pictures I saw that were taken 3-6 months ago. If I lived within 50 miles of it, I would bring it a couple of 5 gallon jugs of water with a tiny bit of liquid fertilizer once a month or so. More often if I was really nearby.

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coconutman(Usda zone 9b Sunset zone 14)

Any updates?

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It needs for somebody talk to ownership about adjusting the watering schedule. That's the cure.
If there is no irrigation set up? Its doomed.

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