White Spots on Pepper Leaves

Edymnion(7a)April 17, 2012

Normally I wouldn't be overly concerned with a few spots on leaves, but this is on my mutant halloween pepper, and I'd prefer it to not fall over dead on me. Its not exactly something I can replace after all (least not until I finish growing out the seeds from it to see if it breeds true or not).

So, anyone know whats going on? Just insect damage, or something worse?

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esox07 (4b)

That's a bit scary. I am not sure what is going on there. Plain white spots wouldn't bother me but it looks like the leave is dying around those spots.

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I doubt its insects though. I was looking over it earlier when I took the pictures and found a friendly neighborhood spider in the leaves, so any insects should be getting turned into lunch before they could do much damage.

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Uggg, I hope I'm wrong. First thing I thought of was bacterial spot. Edymnion, do you have access to an Extension locally? If so, you may want to check with them.

Here' a few links related to spot...




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Hmmm... well its only on this one plant (which is in close proximity to others), and it just appeared within the last week or so. Just since the yard was mowed, actually.

Seems odd that just this one plant would get a bacterial infection out of the blue like that, but I'll keep an eye on it.

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Just another opinion, how long has the plant been exposed to the sun as in hardening off? Just thinking plants are affected usually the same white leaves, but on occasion they respond differently. I have a few sunburnt pepper leaves on a few different plants but one Hab is sunburnt differently more of a copper brown color. Not worried about it, it's otherwise a healthy plant, and newer growth is fine with occasional touches of burn nothing serious.

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Its been out in full sun for at least a month.

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I had the same thing earlier this year, but it was on seedlings. I spent weeks searching, reading, even went to the extension office and asked. They thought it was bugs (in fact, they kept going on and on... "hmm, black specks, those are bugs... but they don't have legs" - me- "that's dirt that splashed up." them- "I think it's bugs, but they aren't moving".... me- SIGH), there were no bugs, I figured some kind of fungus. I was about to throw them all out, but decided to keep them and watch, now they are big and beautiful... I have no idea, only thought might be, water on them and then sun (magnifying effect) maybe wet and cold (I know mine had gotten cold).

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It looks like your watering too much, is the water draining at all or is it sitting on top then draining, i would fix that with some other soil, also I would spray the plants with liquid seaweed and add matches to the soil it adds sulphur and the plants also like it, I also water with epson salt every 2 weeks, and alternate with fish emulsion.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Angel, this is last year's thread.

I would like to know what happened to the frankenpepper, though.

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