Hydrangea Leaves Turn dark brown

chueh(7B)June 13, 2012


Someone gave me a hydrangea plant bought from a store (no tag, no indication of what KIND of hydrangea it is). I kept it inside. I watered it as frequent as the other house plants, but then I found that it dried so quickly and watered it everyday. I did not take off the wrapping paper that held the water from overflowing until today. I did not check if it was watered too much. Two days ago, I found that the wrapping paper was holding a lot of excess water. It has kept losing its leaves.

I saw moldy surface on the soil. The leaves are turning dark brown

I doubt that the brown leaves were caused by something else other than over-watering. However, please advise me. What should I do now? Thanks

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Get the roots out of that soggy soil and repot with a mix with a good amount of perlite and pine bark. Check the container forum for recipes for various mixes.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

or better yet.. get it out of the house.. it is NOT a houseplant ...

and plant it in mother earth in shade that involves avoiding the hot part of the day.. but otherwise sunny ...

basically.. i would sum it up.. as you are trying to love it to death.. free it.. so it can attain its greater potential ...

the fast drying is indicative of being root bound in the pot ..


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Thank you both tsugajunkie and ken_adrian. Good advice.

I knew that it is not a house plant, but I was concerned about "drying out so quickly" even in a shady area (actually I don't have any true shady area but slight morning sun with afternoon shades). I was thinking to plant it outdoor once Fall arrives. Now, the best way is to plant it outdoor then.... Thank you again

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Tinkerbel(7b/8a B.C)

Looks like Botrytis or Grey Mold very common. Hydrangeas are prone to it being leafy as they are. It is easy to stop, dry the plant out and pinch of the rotten leaves. New growth should be happy and healthy.

And like Ken mentioned get it outside.

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