Holiday weather doesn't get any better!

andyandy(6bMI)July 4, 2010

After a couple of days around 70 during the work week we have had the best stretch of sun and heat so far. I went up north Friday morning and nothing but sun and about 81 (Friday), 85 Saturday and 91 today. I had to really water everything when I got home this afternoon. The humidity has been around 35% the past 4-5 days. My peper and banana plants were pretty droopy at 1:30 when I got home today. The soil in my palm pots was really dry as well with nothing but sun and heat. I soaked everything. with lows around 72 the next four nights you can't overwather palms. I am loving it. I don't have to go back to work until Wed. 4 day forcast 92-72 93-72 88-71 88-70. after 85 yesterday and 91 today this will no doubt be the peak growing week for my palms. My bananas as well I just need to water, water and water them some more.

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Yea,I agree Andy-the more water
the better in warm weather!

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You're right, when it's in the 90s like this you almost can't over water. 90 right now at 1:44 with just a few fare weather clouds. Very breezy and comfortable despite the temperature. I'm just hanging out in the yard listening to the Tigers and watering the plants every so often.

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Never thought I'd be concerned about drout considering all the wet weather we've had 'round here the past few Winters and Springs, but my grass is begging, and I have to water everything daily. Trade off I guess because I've spent 3 fantastic days at the beach with my son. Heat, no clouds to speak of, incredibly refreshing seawater, and, well...bikinis everywhere. The best 3 days off I've had since I don't know when. Oh...the wife was there too. Even picked a few tomatoes this morning. Bliss.

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I have been watering some of my plants 2 times a day in this heat. Low temperature in the city itself was , I believe, 84F last night!! Yesterday tied the record high of ALL TIME which is about 102F. The last time it got to 100F was in 2001 and some areas hit 100F again in 2008, but its a pretty rare!! Most of my plants dont like dry heat. The humidity is suppose to slowly get higher so hopefully rain will come soon and cool us down to the upper 80s (which my plants really love).

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TZ, Just remember, those official temperatures are taken in the shade, a certain distance above the ground, etc., etc.. Outdoor collectors should position a thermometer out of direct sun but where the plants actually are to get more relevant reading. I have a lot of forested area around me and we got down to 79F but still calling for a humid 102 F today. But I have most of the palm collection in the back yard drive way area. There's a lot of blacktop in the back and temps are easily 10 degrees warmer--even in the shade. Most tropicals will shut down at these temps. I use heat tolerant date palms (mostly canariensis), Meds, and Queen palms to help shade it back there (in addition to oleanders, and citrus)--kind of Tropical/Mediterranean I guess. TZ, are you fertilizing now? I haven't been tending to the gardening chores due to an earlier lack of time. Now, I have the time to fertilize, weed, etc., but either can't take the heat outside or worry about fertilizing at high temps. Stay cool. (PS., I'll be putting in a outdoor shower/spa area for myself today.)

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Its definitely very important to consider that most of our plants are in full sun so its much warmer. My deck is a very light color so that really reflects the heat onto the plants making it warmer. And my pool area is made out of a concrete material which also throws out lots of heat. I usually water my plants before noon but sometimes I water much earlier. There are areas of my yard that stay relatively cool even on days like today but the majority can get well over 100 on clear days in the 100s! I do have lots of heat tolerant plants which are having no problems at all but the more tropical ones are not too happy. Lots of water make them accept the heat more though. Its already a warm one out there!

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