Plumeria attacked by toddlers

wesnmadsMay 4, 2014

Hello, we are in Long Beach, Ca and have a couple of plumerias in our back yard. Yesterday we had a playdate at went a little nuts and before I knew it our large tree had been destroyed by 2 four year olds climbing and bouncing on the branches. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to save the tree? I am a super busy mother of 2, so I will not be able to babysit a plant, but if there is a simple technique I would love to learn.
Thank you,

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Are those the branches from the larger tree?

Goodness! I have three year old twins and they know they can't touch "Mommy's sticks" when I'm rooting them ;). You can cut the broken ends cleanly, and then do a forum search on callus and rooting to make each broken branch a whole new tree.
Good luck! Fortunately these trees are pretty hardy about breakage... It's one of the ways they reproduce themselves.

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It's funny, my kids never even noticed the tree so I didn't think it was an issue,
I guess our guests thought it looked inviting. :)

Those branches are from that tree, it was pretty large.

I will see what I can find out about rooting. Thanks again!

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First, I am very sorry that your plant was climb and damaged but I think that if you bought a tomato cage at Home depot and put it around the plant it might keep it a little safer from the little ones. The main one that is left should be fine. You can root the branches that were damaged. Barb

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Thank you Barb, the cage is a good idea.

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