Removing my Queen

lbphathead19August 24, 2012

I have a mature Queen Palm, probably 20 feet tall. Its been in the ground for a couple years now. I am putting a pool in and need to move it to another spot in my yard. What would be the easiest and most successful way to dig it up and transplant it. I know it will probably suffer some transfer shock but I definitely want to save it. Love my queens!

Thanks for any help it is greatly appreciated.

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You will probably have to hire someone to get a crane and move it. A plant that tall is pretty hard to move without some machinery. Queen palms are cheap and do grow fast though so if the price of saving it exceeds getting a new one, then you can always just get a new one as hard as that might be (I dont think I would ever willingly give up my favorite palms!)

Hope you find a solution!


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

You might be able to move it yourself if you're into a LOT of digging lol Requires some type of framework until it roots again .wghich can be a real bear during the "Windy season "lol.. You can grow Queens from seed in around 7 years !! Good luck with whatever you decide gary

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thanks for the replies I removed 2 today. Damn they are heavier than they look. But i got them potting and ready to transplant. Should I give them some sort of transplant fert. I have a liquid type fert. that you mix with water.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

WOW you must be part mole?? lol I wouldn't give them annything except maybe water. Get them to the new location as soon as possible be very careful and establishing the depth where trunk ends roots begin to as close as possible to the original. Build a frame to hold them upright wrap padding where it touches the trunk.
Palms are incrediblt top heavy so require something rather substantial 2x4's in at least 3 directions.
i wouldn't give them anything except water until you see new growth. good luck. gary

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