Help! Eureka Lemon leaves being eaten from the inside out?

NomiepieJune 8, 2014

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and relatively new to gardening. I have searched the database and FAQs, as well as the rest of the internet and I have not found anything similar to the issue I am having with my Eureka lemon.

I took photos of it this morning and have been out with a torch late at night, but I cannot find the culprit! The leaves on both of my lemon trees (I have a cutting from a friend's tree in a small pot that is growing) have the same problem! It's as if it won't eat the "skeleton" of the leaves but likes the flesh - if that makes sense.

For a while I thought it was leaf miner, but I have been using Pest Oil as directed and still more leaves like this are popping up.

Hopefully someone out there can help!

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My partner and I had some trouble a little while back when we first planted our tree and found out that our tree was nitrogen and magnesium deficient as the leaves were very light in colour and no fruit had been produced.

We check the PH and fertilize as required with citrus feed but the pest issue seems to have gotten worse. The leave curl in this picture could be from frost? As we are in Winter here in Australia right now and the tree is in the middle of the backyard with little shelter - aside from the fence.

This (see pic) is the first lemon we have seen for over a year and a half, since we got it from the nursery! So I am really hoping we can get a few more without the tree being eaten/destroyed...

If anyone knows anything about this or has experienced the same sort of thing, your information would be greatly appreciated!

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

Hi Nomiepie :)

What Agricultural zone are you/plant in?

You definitely have insect issues, and I suspect by second photo perhaps some viral issues as well...

Here's a bit on leaf damage by insects/ skeletonizing:

and citrus greening, which is abundant in China, and now Florida...sadly...

But a check with your local Agricultural Extension Office, along with a sample of plant material.; should give you the proper answer on viral/bacterial. At least here in the states, and I'm sure you have something of comparison in Oz.

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