What's eating my plants?!

doravecJune 23, 2013

Hey everybody! I am loving this hot weather right now and everything is growing amazingly! I do have a few concerns though, something seems to be making small meals of my potato and pepper leaves...I'm attaching a few pictures of the leaves. Let me know what it could be. I do not want to spray any pesticides, but would rather use something natural; ie. a homemade spray or another plant that has a repelling smell, or something inviting to predators of the bug, etc. Thanks everybody ahead of time!

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Another picture.

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That looks like slug, or snail, damage to me.
Cold caffienated coffee sprayed on the leaves can help, shallow containers of stale beer (or yeast mixed in water) placed in the soil can also help. Sharp edged material, egg shells, Diamotaceous Earth, in pretty large quantities, might also help. Encouraging predators of slugs, toads, snakes, birds, to hang around can reduce populations as well.
Slugs, and snails, need a cool, moist environment to live in so eliminating any place, rocks, boards, mulches where those conditions are can also help.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Have you seen any telltale slime trails on the soil or plants? Caterpillars could also be a culprit ; there are several kinds which may be found in the dark with a flashlight while you're looking for slugs!

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