Not palms........but maybe someone has experience

bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)August 11, 2010

I know many of you are pushing the limits and successfully growing palms and other plants in cold climates. I haven't noticed any postings about some of the following plants so I wonder if any of you have tried any of these: Eucalyptus, Acacia (the Australian flowering types), and Protea family.

Any success or failure with any of these?

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I'm pretty sure there are some Eucalyptus in northern Virginia that are doing well

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I have looked into it and there are many Eucs that would do well here in Zone 7. I may eventually plant one.

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Eucalyptus can definitely survive a zone 7 but its probably a die back perennial in a zone 6 and in hard winters it would probably suffer die back in a zone 7. They should re-sprout from the roots if they suffer dieback and the more cold tolerant eucs can probably handle around 5F to 10F before it starts to suffer a little. But they stay evergreen until then during the winter which is pretty impressive. Im surprised that they arent more common trees along the east coast since there leaves are such a nice color and they are even evergreen! They would make a nice tall tree in a mild zone 7 and up and in a zone 6 it will at least make a nice shrub that can probably get pretty large with protection.
I would love to try this tree but the lack of room keeps me from it. Also the cold tolerant ones are not easy to find anywhere local or even on the internet.
Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I would know the zone of the type of Euc. I am planting.

I would also select a special mirco-climate site around my house - like southfacing side withing a few feet of the home. Mulch heavily and cover when its small during the worse months of winter.

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