Got Inflos?

elucas101(8)May 7, 2014

I've been closely examining my plumies and I'm getting really excited because I'm beginning to see a few inflos developing!!! At first it was just a I'm seeing more! OMG! Doing the happy dance!

So far:
Divine (and several of them, of course! Divine is a MACHINE!)
Desert Sunrise
Jeannie Moragne Jr.
Suwannapoom Sunshine
Probably-not-Butterfly-Gold (mystery?)
Penang Peach

What inflos are you seeing on your plumies?!

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It's so exciting!! Most of my plants aren't big enough to flower every year, and our cold winter (the one before last) put many of them back even more by sealing off tips, etc., so those plants are sprouting side-branches.

BUT, I am seeing some already!!

Saigon Moon (old inflo is starting to flower again - hopefully our hot temps next week will kick start it)
Celadine (2x that I can see - I haven't climbed up into the raised bed to take a good look. Hoping for 2 more.)
Guillot's Sunset (again, just one that I can see from the front of the bed. GS seems to bloom later in the summer for me, though.)

Fingers crossed for (plumies with branch length and/or growth habit that makes inflos likely):
Lemon Ice
Cancun Dreams

Aztec Gold
C-Stars Rainbow Treasure
Plastic Pink
JJ Mini-White

Weirdly enough, I have an extra plumie that seems to have lost its tag somewhere along the line. Maybe that one'll bloom so I know what it's supposed to be!!

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My Gardena (pictured) will be the clear winner this year, as it always is. I'm most excited to see the pink blooms from my grandmothers tree (sentimental as I rescued three rotting cuttings from her... She had never been able to root them... And the mother tree was poached right to the ground when she sold her house to move to an apartment). All I know is that they are pink and I've never really looked at them. It is the next in line.

Other than that, I see definite inflos on one or more tips of
Makaha Sunn
Penang Peach
JL Pink Pansy

The other little guys aren't really fully awake yet but I'm holding out hope. Can't wait! I'm trying to really ignore them because a watched pot never boils!

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I have a lot of them but then I have a lot of plumeria. LOL Already blooming is Japanese Lantern, white, pink that I bought at home depot many years ago and lots of celadine. Some that are going to bloom are Henry apples Dupree, Lemon Twist, drazzler, Paul Weissich, Plastic pink, Duke, Katie Moragne, Moir pink, Pink Kiss and many more. Also found that my Molilli gold, Ruffed candy, Honey Rose, Cooktown sunset, Katie Moragne, Pink Lemonade, Wave rage, Lurline, Shell, rainbow, Jeannie Moragne Jr and some mystery ones. It is going to be a perfect year. Barb
p.s. Here is a picture of the pink one.

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Great news from all three of you. Charge those camera batteries and share your good fortune. I will have to take an inventory at first opportunity to see what things look like so far in my patch this weekend and post here.

I have mixed feelings about the plants which produce a massive amount of inflos at once and others which will last the full season with a moderate but constant number of inflos. Some plants I really want to see in the full heat and humidity just are not mature enough to keep producing yet.

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daogirl, disneyhorse & Barb - GREAT NEWS!!! I'm so excited for you all and really looking forward to your pictures!!! I think you're right Babr, this is going to be a good one.

K, I know you'll have lots of eye candy in there for us!! I have you to thank for my Jeannie Jr. - when I was rooting it I had to cut off an inflo so I'm pretty darn excited as it's pushing inflos on both tips!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wonderful news from you all!!

I just placed all of my trees outside and this is what I have found so far..

Still need to do some close up inspecting, i m talking magnifying glass close ups.. ;-)

Inflos as of now...

Bali whirl

Penang Peach. Two tips with inflos..

pyscho. ;-)

Duvachelle!, Yes, I'm excited. Hungry too! ;-)

Makaha Sunn! Really excited...

Kapalua multi tips.. Stoked!

Embers very excited!!!

Maya I heard this one takes a long time, so I'm happy,,,

Kaneohe Sumburst is open!!!

I'm Hoping to see more!

It should be a wonderful summer!!!

Take care,


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I am so happy for you Laura, one of the joys of having these plants. And our we all crazy checking them many times a day to see if somehow they grow more. We have been lucky here since winter was very mild they have grown a lot already. I don't think that I have ever had flowers so soon and so many. :) Barb

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JJ Divine has a new inflo, and somehow the inflos from last season are about to unload more blooms, I thought they were done.

Mardi Gras is about to bloom.

Kaneohe Sunrise has 4 tips that are long enough so any day now I may see some nubs.

California Sunrise is branching from the an old inflo stalk, bizarre!

JJ Xanadu, and I think also Scentsational, have fresh inflos as well.

Kauka Wilder is also hinting...

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Laura, GREAT NEWS!!! You have some very unique plumies too so we are all REALLY looking forward to your pics when those beauties open!!! I think a huge part of the fun for me is everyone sharing their pictures.

I do have a new camera this season so like K said I need to make sure the battery is charged & ready to go!

I do also have a NOID white / yellow that has several inflos, and maaaaaybe might be getting one on Loretta!

xerophyte, Divine never ceases to do amazing things. In the 2 years I've had it, it has given me multiple inflos and inflos / branching on very short branches, I always say it's a blooming machine, it really is. Amazing growth habit. Looking forward to all of your other inflos too, those sound fantastic!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Barb!!!

Sounds like you are really going to have a Wonderful blooming season!! You guys are so lucky in Cali to have had such a mild winter. We here on the East coast have had it really bad.. Extremely cold temps and more rain, ice and snow than we know what to do with. Argh!! It's finally changing tho and we are happy!! Good luck with your trees and I'm so excited to see your blooms!!


Great news about Divine and Mardi Gras!!! I can't wait to see.. Please post picture!!!

CS is one of my favorites.. It should do well for you too!!!

Exciting to hear about the others that are possibly hinting... Sweet!!



Lol. I need a new camera too. It seems that I am using my iPad to take pics and they look good, but I want a better camera than what I had last year, so we will be worrying about our cameras too! Gotta have those batteries charged!! ;-)

Thank you as always. I'm excited about the inflos that I see already.. It is going to be a wonderful summer!!

Sounds like you have some beauties too!! I can't wait to see them!!! My Loretta has never bloomed, so I will be so excited to see yours,,, especially in The heat down south!

Take care,


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Some of mine from last summer, just to whet your appetite!

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Looking forward to LOTS of pics from everyone, especially those who have the unusual ones we don't get to see too much!

It's not a coincidence that so many inflos are from JJ's varieties. My mom's Divine is pushing one inflo, and her Penang Peach has two (don't know if PP is technically a JJ's or not). She also has a nice one on the Edi Moragne cutting we got from Kauai last summer. That one is a beast!

All my pouting in March and April paid off, LOL, and I've found several now.

Repeat bloomers:
Lemon Drop (of course!)
Leona Hoke (despite caterpillar damage)
Gladys O'Neal (bloomed 2 summers back)

New bloomers:
NOID Kauai souvenir red (just rooted over winter)
Pink Diamond (a little cutting from Thailand that just rooted last spring)
Aussie Confetti (a gift from a fellow addict that did wonderfully all winter in the garage)

Of course I'm still inspecting twice a day with a microscope, just in case, LOL! Laura, my Makaha Sunns get extra scrutiny so I'm really hoping yours and Disney's come through and we can enjoy them vicariously.

Xerophyte, great to see you again! It's incredible that you had such fabulous blooms in NY of all places!

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Goodness, jandey... My Makaha Sunn is getting close scrutiny... I was totally crazy to pay as a newbie what I did for an unrooted cutting but it had three tips and was too fat and seductive to resist. I'm just excited that it 1. Rooted in the first place and 2. Survived its first winter outside. I upgraded it to a bigger pot and it's got a lot of roots so I will for sure share its flowers...
You can see it will be a little while till blooms...
I forgot to look at our bigger Celadine and maybe it felt neglected because it's got four inflos....

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My first ever inflo in Jan only produced 1 flower. This looks promising.

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fancyorchid(9a S.F. Bay Area)

Wowwwww.....I'm sooooo HAPPY for You....Jandey, Xerophyte, Laura, barb, disneyhorse, daogirl........what a magnificent group of plants you have !!!! I need to add some Divine, Mardi Gras, Katie my Samoan Fluff, Celadine, Lei Rainbow....Mine had suffered a major setback while I was in the hospital for 3 months, I hope that now I still have time to work a major BOOSTING for my Babies!!!! Anyone has some suggestions for Me ? Xerophyte, would you name the Ones from the pics you posted? They all look Spectacular.

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As exciting as inflos are, I'm equally excited that my seedlings are leafing out. I read that seedlings shouldn't go dormant their first winter, but I didn't have anywhere to put 30 one-gallon pots. They all turned into tiny bare nubs. Just four inches tall on average. But I see leaves on all of them, so didn't lose anyone over the winter. I know I've got years to see what they are... But I've got a good variety of parent plants so I can wait. They are so cute, I hope they grow a lot this year!

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I have been growing seedlings for about 10 years and they always lose all of their leaves each year. I have about 150 but did not label them but now when they bloom for the first time I put a label on them with the color and size of the flowers. They are so cute and I am sure that yours will do fine. Thanks for sharing, Barb

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I ran out of daylight while still looking over the bigger plants and cleaning things up. Off the top of my head the bigs which are confirmed...
Penang Peach
Jeannie Jr
Rose Red
Sariah's Curly Pink
Aztec Gold
JL Candy Stripe

I'll check the rest today.

So glad there is a genetic duplicate of my Jeannie Jr in your hands. The mother plant is in the ground now.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

This is very exciting... Yea!!!

K.. Get your beautiful girls out looking!! They know what they are looking for!!! It's like an Easter egg hunt!! ;-)

Johnsonm08 great news!!

Congratulations everyone!!!!


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Hi Emily!

So excited for everyone! My plants are still deciding if they want to even pop out leaves! But with that being said(and without jinxing myself) I think I have inflos on...

Golden Sun-2
JJ Purple Haze
JJ Fuji Mist
Tai Surprise

Can I count the ones I cheated on an bought with inflos? Lol I won't count those :)

How are your awesome seedlings doing? I loved every bloom you had, even the one you claimed was ugly...LOL

Take care,


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many of mine that are coming on this year are having doubles...? roxanne

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In order of appearance:
California Sunset
? might be Divine just at a different sun angle
Kauka Wilder

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Emily.. You have some beauties listed!! I can't wait!!

Jen... It's going to be a good summer, indeed!!! ;-)

x.. Awesome!

Roxane .. You said double the fun... I remember it as " Double The Pleasure". Lol. It's all. good stuff..

Congratulations of some fine doubles.. You are lucky!!! ;-)

Take care,


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Disney, you got MS to root! Sooo looking forward to those pics! Once established they seem to grow pretty vigorously and mine had roots growing well out of their pots this winter.

Annamaria, great to see you here again--hope you're feeling well! If you had to be out of watering/feeding range for your babies, winter was the best time for it. Hope they bounce back and give you some inflos this summer!

K, I have also have a genetic duplicate of your Jeannie. Did you plant the really large rooftop one or a copy?

Rox, those buds are very cool with the two contrasting colors.

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Hi everyone! I love hearing about all of your inflos!!!

My latest discovery - TEMPTATION! Really looking forward to this one a lot, it will be the first time it blooms for me! And the winner for my first bloom of the season - GINA! First flower opened yesterday!!!

Laura, I was thinking the same thing as you - how exciting to have inflos early in the season!!! For all of them just sitting there for a while trying to wake up (and still kind of are!) I was starting to wonder if anything was going to happen...and then BAM! We all started seeing some! haha!

Loretta is pushing another inflo now so she will bloom on 2 tips, as will Penang Peach (super excited since I lost an inflo last year, I've never seen it bloom) and Gina is pushing a second!

xerophyte - WOW!! Love your pictures! Those are gorgeous!!! Hope to see a lot more of those from you!

Jen - I totally agree, JJ's plants are really something else. Right no on my Divine I have 16 branches and I have 9 inflos so far!!! I'm really looking forward to all of your blooms! That Lemon Drop is an animal! keep pouting, it seems to be working!

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Disney - WOW! I can't believe you not only rooted a Makaha but you have an inflo?! We are ALL anxiously awaiting that, great job over there!!!

FancyO - I still can't believe what you have been through - I'm glad you are able to be back with your plants, you made it home just in time for the season! I hope you see lots and lots of blooms!

Disney - that seedling looks mighty happy! Keep up the good work. It IS difficult to find space for them all over the winter. I keep mine in the first year but second year they have to go in the garage for the winter!

Barb, you have 150 seedlings?! WOW!!! I guess I better bite my tongue, I don't really know that I'm all that far behind you hahaha!

K - thanks, I'm looking forward to this one because I do think it is one of the most spectacular plumeria out there by far! It's pushing 2 inflos, one on each branch & looking at one closely because it almost looks like a false inflo, I hope it's a true one!

Nicole - you have some really unusual and amazing sounding plants, I'm really looking forward to your blooms!!! And I would absolutely count the ones you bought with inflos - EVERY inflo counts! hahaha!

My plants are still trying to push out leaves too, it's weird! Thank you so much about the seedlings! I have been closely inspecting them and really hope to see something from at least one of them this season, we shall see! The ones I planted last year aren't nearly as developed as those 2 yr olds that were blooming last year, I don't expect anything from those this year, the 2 yr olds are my only hope!! But I have several seedlings I started this season that I will try to be very good about spraying for bugs & ferts - I think my lax routine last year may have put that batch behind? I'm also not going to start any later in the year and see if that helps.

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Johnson - CONGRATS on your first ever inflo and flower!!! That means you are doing something right! keep it up and we expect more pics!

Rox - I don't know why some of them do that but the more the better, right?! Hahaha!

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My newest discovery -- out of left field -- California Sunset!

Seriously, this was another plant recovering from cold damage, and I was sure the undamaged tips were not long enough to bloom again. Guess I was wrong!!

Roxanne - My DSP used to have inflos like that! I always thought it was so cool.

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J - That's right. Jeannie JR is also in your capable hands. The only three cuttings taken from that Plant were given to You, E, and Barbra so I just have the momma plant. It did not care for the amout of heat and sunlight it got on the roof or perhaps it was the wind. Whatever the reason it wasn't as attractive as previous years. Now she is firmly planted in the ground with full sun until about 2pm and then late afternoon sun. I counted about 15-20 inflos. So Jeannie Jr is going to put on a show in about a month.

We went on a search for inflos and found:
Kona Candy (from Jandy)
Raspberry Sundae
Orange Spendor (from Barbra)
Hawaii White (Island Walmart White)
Bud Sally (from Bud's tree by way of Emerson)
Elizabeth thornton
Pink Pansy
Edi M. (from the poolside tree on Kauai).
Fruit Salad
Dwarf Orange
Dwarf Deciduous White
Dwarf Singapore Pink
Samoan Fluff (which survived the winter in ground with one frosted tip and one broken branch.
Giveaway Pink(s)

It looks like one Give Away Pink, Lei Flower and Dean Conklin got some frosted tips so it will probably be slow for them to push.

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OMG, what a list, K! You know we're all dying to see those pics, especially the first four and Jeannie tree!

Jeannie will probably love having her feet in the earth this summer. I think TLD will get the same treatment here.

When I get our shipment can I bring it by so I can get a sniff of a full blown Jeannie inflo? :)

It's gonna be a great season, everyone!

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And here she is, my long awaited first bloom of the season...


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Way to go Emily!

Gina is always so gorgeous:)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

' I can hear the band playing....' ðÂÂÂ

Fabulous ! What a beauty she is! I know you must be " over the moon" with this baby! The coloration is fantastic and to think this is the first? Wow! Sure is a beauty and it's going to be a wonderful summer!


Way to go Emily!!!

I'm so excited for you!!!


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I love Gina! What an excellent first bloom of the season!

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Emily, hope all is well!

Here's what I have with inflos so far:

Kauka Wilder (my first bloom of this year, which was an extra surprise because I didn't know if was a Kauka Wilder!), Bill Moragne (may have 4 inflos, and given how big Bill's inflos are, it should be a sight!), Jeannie Moragne (this one is in its third year and hasn't changed at all - 5', three tips, and new inflos always appear on the same two tips with no new branches), Katie Moragne, Scott Pratt, Desert Sunrise (on 3 of 5 tips), Kaneohe Sunburst, Hurricane (first inflo), Aztec Gold, Stenopetala, Samirie (unfortunately, the inflo is not on my plant - I'm holding it for someone!), Rainbow 36, J-105, EmmersonâÂÂs Pink Nova, Princess Victoria (first inflo, hope it has a big color break), JL Hawaiian, Moragne 93 (I think it's an inflo!), Lava Flow, Firestorm (on almost every tip), Cerise, Gold Coast Peachy, Lei Rainbow, Celadine, California Sunset, Divine, Hong Kong, Psycho (first inflo), Singapore (first inflo), Samoan Fluff,Thumbelina (first inflo), and Theodora Crimson (unfortunately, not on my plant yet, I'm holding this one for someone, too). And even though I got them this week, I'll take credit for the inflos (after all, I have to make sure they don't fall off on the way home - trust me, it's happened!) - CS3, Cherokee Geisha and XQuisite.

And then the not quite what I bought them as plumies, but they're still family - Maui Beauty's Cousin Joe, Celadine's aunt Jolene, and Mardi Gras' sister's husband's barber's pedicurist's stepson Elmore (this one was more far removed from a real Mardi Gras than what I care to admit), oh, and Jeannie Moragne's cousin Joe Bob Moragne.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to this year.

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you are too funny with all those names......roxanne

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LOL hilarious names!

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Oh, and Buttered Popcorn. I just got hungry and remembered that one!

I guess it's good I can laugh at all the ones that turned out to be something else NOW. I wasn't as amused when it turned out the huge 11' tall Mardi Gras I managed to get to my house was something else! (My second Mardi Gras, turned out to be real, but the wind knocked if off a steep hill just as the gardener was going to plant it). And then my third "Mardi Gras" was 5' tall and very wide, and also turned out to be something else.

I have been advised to stay away from Mardi Gras, it's just not meant to be!

Well, at least most of the fakes turned out to be good bloomers. I'm glad I could give them good names. Something positive came out of it!

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The next surprise could be called "George's Folly", SimiDude.

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Actually, Allison, my "Sundance" is finally going to bloom this year. I got it with a bunch of other plumes from the lady who was wrong about EVERY plant she sold me, except for one Celadine she identified correctly (she only sold during the dormant season, LOL). This was back when I was young and innocent, plumeria-wise. So there is about a 99.2% chance that it will be something else.

I'm thinking about having a contest here before it opens where people can place bets on what it might turn out to be! Now, if it turns out to actually be a Sundance, I may need CPR! Now, Allison, you have a couple of plants from her. The Celadine cutting should be okay, but the Lei Rainbow may give us both a surprise this year! If it turns out to be something else, I'll help you name it!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ok, so let me get this straight....

That means that some of my baby mammas relatives of Mardi Gras sisters husbands barber's pedicurist's stepson, Elmore? Who could be related to cousin Joe and Aunt Jolene? Didn't Zac Brown write a song about " Jolene?" He must have had a cutting from the back woods... ;-)

Good to know the parentage of the mommas... Wonder about the baby daddies? Lol...

Had to laugh at these and wonder about some of my mystery cuttings from you... I'll go tag.. " possible Jolene". Lol!!!

Speaking of inflos.

Just wanted to share this special Duvachelle inflo!! Makes my day to see the beauty that is emerging.. Looks red.. Not yellow... ;-). It is a true Duvachelle that has no cousins from the foothills....!!!

Have a great day,


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Hmm... Looks like a Celadine to me. Or a hibiscus. Possibly an Audrey II. Sure it's a Duvachelle? ;)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Why yes.. She did just have her hair done.. She went from yellow to red...

These Duvachelle plumeria are very particular... Lol!!!

Ha!!!! It does look like a celandine? Sure.. Lol!!!

To funny!!!


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Hmm, well, it does have a resemblance to Joe Bob Moragne... LOL

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Hi everyone,
ItâÂÂs so exciting reading all the posts here and I'm looking forward seeing your pics :)

One of my plants is going to bloom as well. ItâÂÂs my 1st bloom ever and itâÂÂs going to be GINA. :-)) You can imagine how I feel...
Just hope INTENSE RAINBOW and my other 2 plants are going to follow Gina's example; especially these two as they are mystery to me. The owner was able to tell me that one of them is pink and the other one is yellow :D. Found a note on one of them âÂÂImperialâÂÂ, so maybe the yellow one is IMPERIAL CROWN (???).
Here is my Gina prepared to bloom:

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Thanks so much for the kind words on my Gina bloom!!! Yes, she is fabulous and one of my very favorites!!! This inflo is just getting started & I have a second branch pushing one now too!

Simi - HAHA! LOVE the names of the distant plumie relatives - I think I have some "extended family" as well LOL!!!! Time will tell. YOU are going to be busy - TAKING PICTURES FOR US ALL!!! OMG, you have SOOOO many inflos!

Looking forward to that Duvachelle! I don't think I've seen any pics except sellers pics of that one!

My newest inflo discovery: Gloria Schmidt!

veronika, looking forward to your blooms, great job!!! Should be any day now!!

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elucas... I have to say that your pics of Gina posted in 2013 made me to buy this Plumeria. :) I wanted to order a new cutting or plant and couldn't decide.... had a few in my shortlist but had to choose only one. And when I saw your pics a few months ago, I felt in love immediately... you know how it ended :)

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Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to read about all of your blooms on the way! Every morning, I go out at the crack of dawn and inspect every tip on every plumeria I have. I read about Foliage Pro on this forum, and used it for the first time last summer. I am observing many plants for the first time with multiple inflos and never have they made such an early appearance before. Thanks to all who recommended Foliage Pro. JJ Zona Rosa and ETLD were the first this year. Looking forward to a wonderful season!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

What a beautiful bloom, . Gidgetsocal!!!

Glad you like the Foliage Pro!!! ;-)


I was just doing a walk thru yesterday looking closely at the Duvy... Lol!! I. Expecting her to open in a few days.. Whooooo hooooo! I'm really excited about this one... ;-)

Ok.. Makaha Sunn is doing great!!! Coming along nicely.... Thank the Plumeria Gods...

Maya dropped the inflo, ( bummer). But has three new branches.. I was wishing for that one... Argh...

Another bummer... Blaze aborted the inflo.. Three branches now... ;-(

Desert Sunrise has one pushing. So does Elizabeth Thornton Lemon Drop!

Bali whirl...

Penang Peach has two healthy inflos..

Hilo Beauty. Has one too!!!

Metallica , upon close inspection, may be as well..

Kapalua is pushing out new ones.. All of the ones that were inside dropped once I placed the tree outside.. I was really bummed... But I do see more!!!

That's all for now...

Hope to hear more news from everyone !!!

Great summer... !


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Thank you, Laura! I am sorry to hear about your dropped inflos, especially Maya. Even though you are blessed with new branches, it still hurts. I have waited many years for my Goldmine to bloom. It has nubbed once, and dropped its inflo twice. Two tips blackened by the cold, but it is hanging on. I see a new inflo appearing, but it looks a little odd. Fingers crossed...really would like to see what it looks like someday. Congrats on your Metallica!

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rox146 Goldmine I ordered from Cstar and bloomed that next year and grew like a weed. No inflos this year, just lots of new branches for next year. Hope yours blooms for you, it is a nice one. roxanne

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Am waiting for my JJ Premium White to bloom. Hoping for Scentsational, but looks like it could be Ken White as well. (The white buds below, also in pic is Penang Peach).

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

so far I have these new inflos for this year
Angels Touch
Hearts desire
My white NOID
and drumroll........Scentsational. Last time it flowered was when I bought it July 2011. so yeah 3 years.

here is divine. re-blooming on last years inflos and has another new one for this year.


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Wow Mike. Its just amazing how many tips your Divine has.

My PW opened. Smell, is different from what I have encountered in the plumeria world so far whixh is usually citrus, peachy or fruity. This one has a floral scent, something like lily but not quite. And it aint knocking ny socks off yet, so it seems like it might be Ken White.

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Laura, bummer about the Blaze inflo :( But at least you have the extra tips now! Mine is growing very very slowly now and no sign of inflos yet.

And I think I can (almost) safely (fingers crossed!) say that I've joined the Makaha Sunn inflo group. Woohoo! Thank the plumeria gods, lol.

Musaboru, whatever that white is it's very pretty. And of course Penang is fabulous!

Mike, gorgeous Divine plant! Nice to hear Scentsational will finally bloom, too. I have so many from 2011 that still haven't bloomed or re-bloomed I'm a little exasperated.

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Oh, I love all your pics and Plumies you have :)... sooo beautiful.

and here is my Gina; 1st photo was taken end of May and the 2nd a week later ;)

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I am just LOVING all of this inflo action from everyone!!! GORGEOUS blooms!!!

Recent developments: I've found 2 inflos on my Kaneohe Sunburst, one on what I *hope* is Sunny Delight, and drumroll please...on a Penang Peach seedling that bloomed last year!!! WOO HOO!!!

This is such a good inlo year!! I hope it keeps up, I'm getting spoiled with all these inflos from you all and from what I'm getting!

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"OMG" the lists go on and on and on. Can't wait to see all these blooms! Wish I could even join in but my 2 seem insignificant. Not even worth the mention.
TOO funny Simi and Laura!!!!

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Beautiful pis everyone!! Keep them coming! Veronika and Musaboru - :O BEAUTIFUL!!!

I hate dropped inflos :((( I also hate when my buds fall off and never bloom :((( especially if I have to spray pesticide ('organic').

Ok, so I am premature in saying this, but I felt a little faint when today I feel like my suspicion that one of the Goldilocks twins maaaaaaayyy be the very beginning of pushing an inflo....ohpleasepleaseplease...say it is so.

Peg - it's kind of funny because I felt I was very lax last year with ferts, pesticides, etc. but it's funny to see how the plants are kind of doing what they want anyways for the most part...I just know yours will pick up!!

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Our plumerias were late leafing out but we're hoping that we will soon have blooms. Really enjoy seeing all the pics. Thanks.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Divine, Premium White, and Penang Peach lined up together. Penang Peach has the best and strongest scent in this corner.

I've got others blooming soon including J4, Captivate, and Dwarf Watermelon....

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Elsie unfurling:

This is from a couple days ago ... the colors are even more intense now. We've been hitting mid-80s to low-90s for days now!

Here's the current total. I totally cheated by buying so many JJ plants at Lowes/HD:

Already blooming: Elsie, Saigon Moon, Whirlwind
Allllmost there: Celadine (2 inflos), Dulcemia, J105
On the way: Guillot's Sunset (2 inflos), Premium pink, Jenny, Jubilee, Cal Sunset, Captivate

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SHhhhh(9 Central Florida)

Great pics everyone!!!

My Musk Rainbow inflo is coming in nicely. Should have flowers in the next week or so. My Celadine has been flowering for weeks now, and they smell great. No inflo's on my other plants yet.

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I have 2 inflos on Rhonda, 1 on Desert Sunrise, and 1 on Xquisite. My Inca Gold had one but it is just about spent.

Desert Sunrise


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