can i grow my broken branch???

oomjayeooMay 17, 2008

I'm a new plumeria owner. well relatively. I've had my plumeria for about 2 years now. They were cuttings that have rooted and one plant has inflos on the branches. One of the branches on my young potted plumie was broken off by accident by the mailman. Can i grow this branch???? i cut the rough broken end into a 45 slant cut and I don't know what to do next. There's an inflo on the tip with some leaves. Its about a 10 inch branch that was broken off. Do i let it dry? Do I put it in hormone and plant? Help?! I want to save the broken branch...any advice? =( Do i treat it like a cutting? HELP !!!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

remove all the leaves and the inflo now as they are draining energy from the cutting. Let the cut dry 5-7 days. I soak my end in B-1/superthrive and water for about half a day then dip in a rooting powder with fungicide (but you can start most common plumie without this at all) Plant in fast draining soil in a one gallon black pot and water once. Put on warm concrete and let it dry completely. I mist the top lightly but no water until leaves are 6-8 inches long. Reds or difficult to root you might search for my bottle method in this forum and do not water the center part at all. Hope this helps. Bill

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I accidentally broke a branch off a bush/shrub growing beside our house. I want to know how to get roots back on it to create another plant. How..but easy because of limited finances..

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Bill, the bottle method works really well. I used this with the large cuttings that I got this year.

I had to put the large cuttings(or should I say branches), in a bucket to support them.

I also wanted to say that the raw egg did not always produce roots faster but once they rooted, the roots grew really fast.

I think because the clear plastic allowed light, and heated soil faster, it created a much more ambient enviroment for rooting. Today I rechecked soil temps. Soil thermometer read at 90 degrees! Without the 600 watt HPS light, soil temps would have been much cooler, probobly around 70.

Soil temps were 86 in my 1 gal plastic milk jugs.

Kaneohe Sunburst(I broke off the inflo today), 1 Samoan Fluff, Red noid cutting, and Kimi Moragne are the only cuttings I got this spring that have yet to root.


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