Irish Spring Soap to fight Rabbits

mrmcgregor_2007June 28, 2007

Has anyone heard about or tried using shavings of Irish Spring Soap to ward off rabbits from eating garden flowers? I bought some to try and I'm having cold feet. I'm afraid the soap in the soil will haunt my glowers and plants. Help.

Mr McGregor_2007

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I've tried it in my veggie garden. Also tried human hair, pie tins on strings and a few other old time cures to keep away rabbits. They never even noticed.

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Yesterday I dumped a bunch of ground cumin that Ill never use on a few plants. With my luck, Ill get bunnies that like spicy food. The baby is just sooooooooooo cute.

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I sprinkled some garlic powder on some asters that the rabbits were nibbling on. It worked, the rabbits left them alone after that! The asters look even better since being pruned by the rabbits.

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

I thought Peter just ate vegetables. Maybe you have Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail too. ;-)

I think the soap should be harmless to the plants. Let us know how well it works.

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