Phipps Conservatory, pt. 2

bradleyo_gwAugust 12, 2012

The India Room. They periodically change plants based on the country. They change the country every so often. Most of the palms don't change, they just bring in some indigenous plants. In India, the had a bunch of spices, neem, etc...

Some other stuff, bonsia bald cypress started in 1990.

Beautiful scent, but unmarked, need ID.

Chicago Hardy fig

Glad to see that these will hopefully survive.


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Scented white flowering shrub -- Fagraea beteriana? Are the older flowers yellow to orange? Just a guess.

What is the plant in the photo following the Chicago hardy fig?

Outstanding photography, thank you.

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Thanks, the plant after the fig is eucomis, pineapple lily.

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Some of my neighbors have pineapple lilies in their garden. I'd never really paid much attention to them before. What zone are they rated to?

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I think most sources have eucomis as hardy to 7 or 8. Some sources list 6, we'll find out, because not all zone 6's are created equally.

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Awesome palms! Is the first a betel nut palm? They all look really healthy!
The fig looks nice too and so does the pineapple lily. Pineapple lilies are usually rated zone 7 and up. I have Sparkling Burgandy which has purple leaves and it comes back every year, but so far no blooms yet! Hopefully I'll get some blooms next year!
Thanks for sharing!

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I don't recall what the first pic was, but you very well may be right. How long have you had the eucomis? I'm surprised it hasn't bloomed, mine didn't bloom the first year in the ground, but did this year, after I had lifted it from the ground in Dubois. It started forming offsets too. I would think if yours is clumping, it should have been flowering by now. Is it in full sun? I'm going to dig a bulb and let it ride this year. I think they should be fine here, at least with a little mulch.

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