Piquante aka Peppadew seed offer

ottawapepperApril 14, 2012

I have 15 packets of Piquante (aka Peppadew) seeds harvested from a plant I grew last year. Each packet contains 20 - 25 seeds. Original seed came from a South African seed company and was labeled "Peppadew" seeds. The parent plant was somewhat isolated but there is always a chance that a pod cross pollinated. I can not guarantee that any given seed will grow 100% true.

If you want a packet of Piquante aka Peppadew, seeds follow these 4 easy steps:

1) send me an email via my profile with Peppadew in the subject line and your name and address in the body. I will email back my address and an ID number;

2) Write or print your address, including country, on the blank self adhesive address label;

3) Address an envelope to me AND write your ID number (the one I sent you with my address) on the back of the envelope*.

4) Put your return address label and return postage (see below) in the envelope, seal and mail it**.

I will send you an email when I post your seeds. Please send me an email when they arrive.

This offer is on a first come first served basis. I will post an update when the offer is closed. Any requests beyond the first 15 will be placed on a waiting list.

By requesting seeds, you agree that I have no control over postal services or customs. Occasionally envelopes get lost or are blocked crossing international borders if seeds or cash is discovered (yes even 1 or 2 dollar bills counter vein international money laundering laws, go figure).

Return Postage:

Canadians: include a 61 cent Canadian stamp

Americans: include one US dollar bill

Everyone else: include two US dollar bill(s)


* Envelopes without your assigned ID number on the back will be returned to sender unopened.

** Envelopes without proper return postage and/or a self adhesive return address label will not be responded to. Your reserved seeds will go the next person on the waiting list.

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Could you send me a Canadian 61cent stamp?
You'll get it back when I send the SASBE.

I don't have any bills that are only for $1.00 US.

US,would that be bills for "unpaid stuff" on my credit card?

Actually until you pay off the credit card bill wouldn't they all be US bills?
Does it matter if the US bill or Bills are for LEDs I bought in China?
Will my smallest credit card bill from last month do,it's over $1.00?

Am I everyone else?A
ssuming you already got your limit of Americans?
I'll send 2 credit card bills....

I don't have an ID #,I'm not from Idaho...

Didn't know they numbered their residents.
Maybe they don't want it to get too crowded there or just want to keep track of the people living there.
Make sure they have enough potatoes or something...

Since you are sending Idaho residents back there envelopes if they don't include their Idaho number,why not just put the seeds in the envelope you send back?

Do you work for the Post Office or are you just trying to boost the Idaho Post Offices income by sending stuff 2 times?

Can I just send a blob of glue or unchewed bubble gum to stick my address lable on with?

I don't have any self adhesive labels.

Wouldn't self adhesive labels stick to the inside of the SASBE?

You are very generous offering those Peecan't 8 Dutch Oven Pod pepper seeds from Arfican seeds you growed out to give to the chili impaired(among possible other impaired things-like the socks that dissapered in the wash or when you wosh a pare of undies and only one comes out of the dryer...).

Slow night at work. LOL

Link below for SASBE that is pretty cool.
It doesn't have anything about Idaho numbers though...Just the name you use on the forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: SASBE instructions

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Methinks smoke has been tippling on the job again. Wonder if he could send that bill instead of the credit card.

Smoke, ID# or not, there are more public records about you (and me) than I care to think about. Anyone with an ancestry.com account can probably find out about your mother, father, aunts, uncles, etc. all the way back to your great grandparents.


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Smoke, I read your reply this morning and my head hurt. I had to get a second cup of coffee and read it again, it must have been a really long night!

The link you provided is great. It doesn't apply for this offer though... I only requested postage for a first class envelope. I'll be mailing seeds back in a small bubble wrap pouch in a regular envelope.

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Well,Heidi wanted to sleep all night and it got boring chasing her ball , her squeak toys don't taste very good either...

I'm too fat and slow to chase the cats out of the lot.

So I decided to pay this place a visit. :)

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Smoke, I hope you at least got your belly scratched and got rubbed behind your ears after chasing her ball for while.

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Na,Heidi doesn't scatch my tunny or back.
Only uses her paws to push me off HER bed when I'm sleeping.
She pushes off the wall with her back against me.
I wake up within an inch of the end of the mattress.

Funny she always starts out sleeping on her pillows...

I swear her legs must telescope or something.
How a medium sized dog can take up so much room on my/her bed is amazing.
I haven't ended up on the floor yet but it came close a couple times.

Heidi was such a cute little puppy....

She is such a chow hound she doesn't do anything unless a treat is involved.
Heck she'll do stuff she saw other dogs do if a treat is involved.
Stuff I never even thought about teaching her.

She'll jump through hoops of fire,walk a tightrope and anything else she can think of if a Scooby(SP) snack is involved.
Playing with the ball is,I toss the ball,she brings it back and gives it to me(like she was trained-sorta).
I toss the ball,she gets it and runs back as fast as she can and lets go of it 3ft. or less in front of me and sits down to watch me fetch.
She actually is very smart,when she lets go of the ball it travels just fast enough so I have to chase it but it stops under a motor home far enough under it so I have to crawl under to get it back.

I'm working on getting her to fetch a Pizza,Burrito or Burger from the local scarf and barfs or catering trucks/trailers that are near by.
I think she will get the fetch part down OK but will come back with empty boxes or wrappers with pepperoni,fries or cilantro on her breath.

Might have to try and get her to fetch money from people leaving the bank.
She might do it if the treat she gets after the retrieve is good enough-T Bone or her favorite,smoked jerky or smoked fish.
Problem is,if the person with the $ has a slim Jim in their pocket she won't grab the $.I'll get another empty wrapper...

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Way to go Bill!

I've grown Peppadew a few times, including last year. It takes FOREVER to ripen - very long season plant for me. Also, easily a six foot tall plant. Did you have the same experiences?

Again, nice thing you're doing here.


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Thanks Rick.

Yes, same experience here regarding ripening and it was the tallest plant of around 35 varieties I grew in 2011.

I'm not sure I'd grow it again. A load of folks seem to love pickled Peppadews but they don't really appeal to me pickled or fresh. My pallet probably isn't refined enough ;-)

I pickled some using the copy cat recipe fiedlermeister posted a while back. When I did a taste test with friends, my pickled ones and store bought Peppadews side by side, the majority preferred my version using the copy cat recipe (not as sweet as the original pickles). Go figure.


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lorabell NC(8)

I just received the pepper seeds and didn't think it was possible to be so happy about 'lil ol' seeds!' Can't thank you enough for your generosity. I have about 7 months of growing season left to work with so will try my luck this year with a seed or two. I planted a couple of the seeds from Bruce(esox) of the 'could be Bhut but more then likely Naga' pepper a couple weeks back and they are doing exceptionally well (Thanks a million, Bruce! you will always be my first---person on GW to share seeds with me)
I think I have reached the obsession stage --thanks guys!

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esox07 (4b)

Glad you are happy with the seeds and glad my wife doesn't read this forum or I could be in some trouble.

Anyway, glad to see that you are getting into the peeper growing scene and the great thing about it is that you can grow so many different type for so many different reasons. It is not like growing on single plant year after year. You can grow for the super hots just for the sake of growing them. You can grow lesser hots for eating or seasoning other foods. You can grow ornamental for their beauty and uniqueness. Or any other reason you can think of.

Good luck this year,

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At this rate, I might have to grow some 'peepers'.


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What Bruce said except, I've never met a pepper I didn't think was ornamental ;-)

Enjoy & good growing!


I only have three packets left.

I can't believe I missed spell checker using "counter vein" as the correct spelling for contravene in my original post. Uggg.

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That should have been I've never met a pepper I didn't think "wasn't ornamental" ;-)

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Oh, cool! The ornamental peeper counter vein thread!

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spencers_mom2(8 - Virginia Beach)

Email sent! My ID# better be #1 :) Thanks Bill!


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This offer in now CLOSED

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