Mid summer update

bradleyo_gwAugust 8, 2012

Unfortunately I still do not know how to, nor really want to, upload pics from my camera. But it is easy enough for me to take pics with my cell phone and upload them directly to photobucket with the app. I'm highly disappointed in the quality of the photos though. I have an iPhone 4s which supposedly has an 8mp camera. These pics don't look like 8mp to me. But anyways, here's a few...

Crinum blooming in foreground for the second time. It hasn't bloomed for over a month, this bloom seems a little sturdier than the last. Hopefully it lasts for more than a day or 2 this time.

Yucca hybrid from Jim K. growing pretty well this year. I didn't expect much after I saw it it browned and wilted to nothing as soon as I planted it about 2 months ago.

Thanks for looking.

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Your yard looks great! Those are some nice sized Washingtonias you have there. How do you get your bananas so big so quickly? What variety of elephant ear is that by the end of the driveway?

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Time to take a deep breath yet?

You have accomplished so much with the move
and the reforestation of your whole new yard!

Very nice-are you available in case I need to move my stuff(-:

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Very nice! For the first year it has a full and tropical look already. You'll be expanding before long!

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Awesome Yard! what kinds or protection do you use?! i know your near PIT and probably the same zone.... so, just wondering what you do for the winter, do they need protection?

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island - i'm kinda disappointed in my bananas this year. Since it's first year, I probably shouldn't be, but I took a monster pup from my old plant and it took off fast, however it got planted late, fertilized infrequently and not Superthrived until 2 weeks ago. I got the EE last year in HHI. It was labeled as either A.callidora or A. portadora, I don't recall. I don't know if that's even right though.

Jim- I'm done moving for awhile. I'm still not all the way moved in!

Chad - I'm already expanding, just no pics yet.

Richard - I'll post pics of protection this winter, this will be my first here, but if you search my previous posts, you should see many years worth of past protection techniques and results. Not everything needs protection and I certainly haven't mastered it. Try searching this entire forum for protection techniques, lots o great ideas. I try as minimalist as possible, i.e. no heat, however I tried Christmas lights last year with great success in Dubois.

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Thanks! I love the landscape design, it looks like the tropics :-)

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