Droopy Fronds on Dypsis Lutescens

aneeq247August 17, 2013

Hi all. I have this areca palm/ golden cane palm (dypsis lutescens) that hasnt been doing so well. It has weak droopy fronds. Anyone know why?

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Here's my second one that seems to be doing all right.

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2 things

1 the palm should not be growing in standing water. Let the pot dry out before watering.

2 the light green color might indicate a magnesium deficiency so feed with some epson salt

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I'm guessing based on the look of the standing water, that you either used clay like soil straight from the ground or some really cheap bag-based "topsoil". Potted plants need to have light, loose, well draining potting mixes. I like Pro-mix and Metro-Mix , but Metro-mix tends to be more expensive. Miracle-Gro makes a pretty good product that's cheap, but I'm organic, so I no longer use it.

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Standing water is really terrible. Looks like the soil is all clay and has no drainage.

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As above. It is goin to die sooner rather than later if left sitting in that mud bath. Transplant ASAP into a soil that has drainage.

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I'd have to agree, Golden Canes are more drought proof than they are flood proof.

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