Gone crazy for Sabal Louisiana

chadec7aAugust 20, 2011

Came across some sabal Louisiana's last night for 5$ a pc. You know I had to order 6 of them. They will get repotted for winter. Then I will figure out were they are going to go in April.

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Chad, you do realize that you'll be able to do this same thing in 200 years or so!!! lol
Sabal minor 'Louisiana' on the shores of lake pontchartrain. ( notice the classic s.minor fronds, no matter how tall )

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One of the best Sabals(esp for those of us over 40 that can't wait forever)for growth speed!
This is one of my favorites along with McCurtain,Brazoria and Lisa...all are reasonably fast and beautiful palms(-:

My S.Lou's put out an avg of 4-5 leaves a year,on par with a slow Trachy.

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Dixieboy I hope your still around in then to see my photos.

Jim, my Louisiana hasn't been in the ground but a year so its not up to speed yet. Cannot wait. These are coming from Yuccado which always sends great stuff. Also order another Savannah Ga. I love the bluish fronds on my other one.

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