moonplant in bloom

OklaMoniSeptember 7, 2012

I really should have trimmed the spent flowers off first... but early morning coolness is used to ride to work, and late evening hotness is spent hiding out inside with the AC on.

However, it did bloom really nice a couple of nights ago.

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Is that the one I gave you? I thought it had died...

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

It looks great, Moni!

Okievegan, Often if the heat is insane they will seem to die, but they usually rebound. Most of mine grow too far from the house to irrigate, and they do just fine. Even if they drop leaves in summer from a lack of moisture, they usually leaf out again after it rains and then go crazy in autumn with flowering, just like your Mom's.


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Sweetie, I had to shade it for a week or so after I transplanted it, and eventually it rebounded. But it didn't start blooming till we had that cooler time, a while back.


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So what you are saying is that I can take partial credit for the beauty that it is adding to your backyard. :)

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Moni your Moonplant is beautiful! Mine has stayed small with few blooms. I hope mine will do better with the cooler weather.

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Moonflower or Datura blooms in cycles. It will have a big flush of bloom for a couple weeks, and then rest for awhile before throwing up another flush of blooms.

I don't know if it's really necessary, but I always deadhead mine, too, before it can set seed, especially since all of the hoopla about kids using the seed pods as some kind of drug or hallucinogenic. If I don't deadhead it, I get lots of little seedlings in late spring/early summer.

The honeybees really go after the nectar deep within the flowers. They get downright territorial in the morning when I am trying to remove the spent flowers. Geez, guys, move over, there's plenty of room here.


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