Tues: Red Flag Fire Wng North; Elevated Fire Danger West-Cent

Okiedawn OK Zone 7September 11, 2012

A Red Flag Fire Warning is in effect from noon through 8 p.m. today due to Extreme Fire Danger. In Oklahoma the affected area includes a good portion of northwestern and northcentral OK including the panhandle.

Elevated fire danger exists in much of the rest of the state during the same time frame.

If conditions worsen, the Red Flag Fire Warning could be extended into other counties.

You can see the counties in the warning highlighted in hot pink on the linked map. Another graphic on the same page indicates the counties where fire danger will be elevated even if it does not quite rise to the level of a Red Flag Warning.

The difference between the Red Flag area and the elevated fire danger area is a small one, so please do not automatically assume your area is "safe" if it is not in the Red Flag Fire Warning area. Wildfire can occure at any time and any place, especially when the entire state has been in drought for months.

Stay safe and remember that the same conditions that allow fire to spread rapidly also will dry out your garden plants (especially young seedlings) quickly, so consider giving them an extra drink of water today.


Here is a link that might be useful: NWS-Norman Weather Webpage

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

The Red Flag Fire Warning expired.

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