transplanting peppers to bigger pots (started outdoors)

judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)April 22, 2013

I've searched google extensively before posting this, but most transplant related pages refer to bringing them out from indoors, but they don't help me because I started my peppers outdoors. by that I mean I put the seeds in small pots and left them by my garage in the shade until they sprouted, then moved them to where they get full sun.

what I am wondering is how long do I wait before I move my peppers to bigger pots? they are in pots that are roughly 6" deep and 3-4" diameter (not all uniform pots, I took what my father in law gave me for free).

I have 4 ghost pepper sprouts, 3 scorpion pepper sprouts, 5 thai bird pepper sprouts (which are doing great! I don't really consider them sprouts anymore), and 2 tabasco pepper sprouts (these were given to me by a friend who was killing them due to poor maintenance, and I don't expect them to live but I'm trying anyway).

they're potted 2 per pot so far, and I repotted 2 of the pots yesterday (seedlings broke the surface a week and a half ago) because in both pots one of the seedings was within a half inch of the edge of the pot (not where they started, but heavy watering when they were fresh must have rearranged them). I was very careful when I repotted them.

but the ones I'm really wondering about are the thai peppers. they were the first to sprout, and are currently 3-4" tall, and all but one of them has its third set of leaves out. how long do I wait before repotting them? I know peppers like deep roots. also, is it ok when I repot them to keep 2 peppers in one large pot (roughly 3" apart), or do I need to split them up into 1 plant per pot?

also when should I begin using liquid fertilizer? I hear a 4-8-8 liquid fertilizer is ideal, is this true?

planting them in the ground is not an option because I will be moving in a few months and plan to take them with me, but as I understand it peppers don't mind pots.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

You need to split them up - one per pot.

They are in relatively large pots and will be okay for a while yet. To check when they need up-potting, flip a pot over and pop the root ball out into your hand - just enough so you can see the bottom of the ball. If the roots look crowded, then it is time. Otherwise, slip back into the pot and apologize for the up-skirt moment.

You can fertilize any time now. 3:1:2 ratio is what I've heard recommended, but what you actually need depends heavily on the soil.

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