Ghost germination: PepperJoe vs. EcoSeeds

Nadej(7)April 27, 2011

I was just wondering if anybody had the same success germinating ghost peppers from PepperJoe as they did with EcoSeeds? I've planted half a flat tray of seeds from each company and the ones from EcoSeeds germinated very well (to my surprise - this pepper was always a pain) and now the plants are nice and healthy with thick legs, but the ones from PepperJoe had about 30% germination rate and what emerged can hardly compare to ES plants, in spite of the same light/water conditions (heck, they are in the same tray).

PJ is still great, with very unusual seeds I can't find at any other place, but I've just never had the same sort from 2 separate companies come up so differently. Anybody else had this experience?

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I got bhut seeds from Pepperjoe & New Mexico Chile Pepper Institute & had nearly 100% with pepperjoe seeds & about 60% with NMCPI bhuts.

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Good to know! It's possible I just got an oddball batch, because other than Tepin, everything from PJ has been great so far.
Is there any difference in the quality (size, color, etc) of your bhut seedlings between PepperJoe and NMCPI once they germinated (assuming you've planted them at the same time)?

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I got mine from Pepperjoe. I had about 80% germination rate but I planted mine a little too deep or I think I would have gotten more like 95% or better.

Pepperjoe has good rep for selling what he advertises. The Ecoseeds may not be Bhut's. There are many postings on these forums from people getting seeds from various sources and finding out they are not always the variety that advertised.

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Not a lot of experience (yet), but I've bought Bhut seeds from both NMSI and Pepper Joe, and I've had a 99% germination rate on the Pepper Joe's (19 of 20 seeds) and probably 80% on the NMSI seeds (8 or 9 of 10). These were germinated and sprouted indoors under plain jane flourescent lighting then moved outdoors in December.

Bigger problem is overwintering with 3" plants (yes, I know I started too late in the season - just impatient, I guess). lost about half of them (due to neglect and a severe mite infestation), but the rest are now doing OK...just not growing fast enough due to the unseasonably cold and somewhat wet winter (I'm also in the coastal SD area). Most are only 6" to 8" but I am getting some flowers and a few buds now that things have warmed up.

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I bought my Bhuts from Pepper Joes. I planted three of the ten seeds in a single 3" pot to test germination and I planted them 1/8th inch deep. 11 days later, I had 3 good health sprouts. So I planted the remainder along with other varieties in one of those 1.5" multi compartmented things with a clear lid. I planted these all at 1/4" deep and got about 80% on the Bhuts and other varieties. My thoughts are that planting 1/8" is a better option. It didn't seem to make the sprouts any better by planting the seeds deeper. It just decreased my germination rate a little. All my plants will be in their summer homes sometime next week.

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