Summer not over yet

andyandy(6bMI)August 30, 2010

After a couple of fall like days the heat is back. This time though it is dry heat. We'vew had no clouds in about 5 days and it has gone 73 75 78 83 89 90 (today) 92 92. I gave the palms one more shot of fertilizer and plenty of water. I broke down and turned the air on again yesterday. Something like 73 by Saturday though. Maybe we'll get some mid-September warm ups as well.

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We also have a nice warm-up on the east coast with temps in the low to mid 90s for the next few days followed by cooler weather with temps in the low 80s. The forecast calls for sunny weather almost everyday but the chance of at least some clouds on friday from Hurricane Earl. Im sure that these next few days wont be the last of the heat or the 90s. It does look like summer is making an exit, but its not over yet!!
Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Palms are still growing at a summer rate:) Glad Mich is warm and hot too! Yesterday hit 94 here with low humidity - it was not nearly as bad as when the humidity is high.

Summer is back in full swing with temps in the mid to low 90s precdicted for the entire week and also a possibility that we may experience and some direct effects of Hurricane Earl. TZ, we can see our palms wave in the winds of a true tropical storm:)Right now lower manhattan and even more Brooklyn, Long Island, Cape Code are all in the possible RED strike zone. That shall change back and forth over the week as meterologists attempt to predict and track every twist and turn of the big East Coast storm.

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The humidity was so low Saturday that even though it was sunny and 83 the "real feel" was 82. I spent yesterday with my kids on the west shore of Lake Erie. The wind was blowing do west off of the water. It was 78 right on shore, about 85 in the parking lot (about 200 yards from the shore, and 90 5 miles inland. Everyone enjoy their last summer rapid growth.

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