WHat your favorite Orange plumeria, and why?

Andrew ScottMay 31, 2011

I am going to order Jungle Jack's orange. I found a picture of it a while back and I have wanted one ever since. Orange seems like a pretty rare color for plumerias.

I want to know what your favortie orange varieties are, and if you can either post a pic, or give me a link to the picture, I would really aprreciate it.

Not that I have any room for them, but I want to collect them. I may have to get rid of some of my least favorites here soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that never happens!


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stevenwayne(6 sw)

i have a few i would go with kimo is pretty . and j 105 thise are my top two

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Probably my favorite is Mango Beauty.

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But then again, I sure do love my Pua Noa.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Dewaine,
Where did you find these 2 beauties? I like them both but OFCOURSE I DO! What are there growing habits like? Are both tall growers? Maybe I could get just one more? LOL! Are any from Jungle Jacks?

Hi Steven Wayne,
I actually have Kimo. There just seedlings. I got them from Jennifer. I need to get in touch with her to thank her. J105 I should have next week. Glad you like it. I am really excited about this order. I have actually only ordered from a plumeria nursery once this year. THe others that I have recieved/bought plumerias from have all had AWESOME cuttings and rooted plumerias.

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Dewaine - that Pua Noa is rocking my world. Awesome.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

In my collection I like 'Kimo' and, although it's probably not an official orange, my 'Penang Peach'. Of course for 'Penang', it's the warm weather that brings out the orange colors, otherwise it's more of a yellow in cooler weather. But that's probably the case with most oranges I would imagine?

Kimo in heat wave:

Penang in warm part of the season:

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Wow!!! Beautiful pictures you guys! Now I have a very bad case of drooling!

(and Andrew, didn't you say your rampage was OVER???)

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Wow, Dave, that Kimo just pops! Went with your recommendation and got Penang Peach, with an inflo, and it has taken to this heat like a champ. It only dropped the most mature buds when I got it so there's still a decent inflo growing and a couple of beautiful blooms on it. Mine is definitely looking much more fuchsia than your photo, no peach at all to speak of, just a little yellow.

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pharoah(Sherman Oaks CA)

As an all-around Plumie, you just can't beat Penang Peach. It has a wonderful growth habit and blooms like crazy.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

My India is a very nice large (5") orange.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Beautiful flower! Love the colors on India!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

With the help of one of my friends from Virginia...who loves the Mango Beauty as much as i do...

This is the thread that i first saw the pic of this awesome flower. I also love JJ's Orange just like Andrew, and i love the Inca as well..

Unfortunately it looks like Dewaines picture is not showing up anymore.. : ( I wanted you all to see this beautiful pic...

Bill, your Inca is gorgeous too!

Thanks for sharing this one with us..

Anyone else have a fav Orange? I still love the Penang Peach.. I certainly hope to see her bloom this summer for me. I did have an inflo bloom this winter under lights, but i am sure it would have more of an intense coloration than it did.. Im crossing my fingers!!!

Take care,


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

India not Inca...

Diana..I would love to see a pic of your Pua Noa if you have a pic handy? Tks!!! Hope you are doing well!!!

: )


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Hi Folks, here's a link to my Plumeria pictures. The Pua Noa I bought from Linda Ohara. She said she got it from her friend Noa. I suspect it's Uni Orange.

The Mango Beauty I got by helping a neighbor named John (hence John's RB), trim his tree. I had my pickup full of cuttings of which I gave most to friends. The flowers shape and color can change dramatically on this one depending on weather conditions, but they're always beautiful.

Hope everyone's plants are waking up nicely.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dewaine's Plumeria pictures

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What a beautiful collection of pictures you have Dewaine. It would be hard to pic a favorite as they are all so gorgeous. It took awhile to go through them but the little girl (aka Kitty) is top of my list. What a cutie !!! Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Dewaine,

Thamk you for posting your beautiful pictures!!! I have always loved you Mango Beauty ever since you posted it here on this link from Andrew.

Peg and i from VB have even printed out this pic of "her" :) and we have Mango Beauty on our Ref at home!!! I have tried to find it but haven't had much luck...James has given me some advice and i really do appreciate all that he has dome for me. Thank you James!!

I will get back to you soon..i just rec ur email tonight and i thank you for all of the info!! : )

If you could point me in the right direction,maybe i could find a good lead?

Bill, Thank you for the email and you know i appreciate all you do for me!!! Mahalo my friend...

Bud..If you are watching...MANY THANKS TO YOU AS WELL!

I just dont know what i would do without my friends all around the country.. you all are awesome!!!

I am truly thankful...

Now...to find the Mango Beauty and order JJ Orange ..i think i will be set..except for the Pretty Princess from Houstom..Thanks Jen!!! : )

Ill be chatting with you soon..you will have to put a limit on what i can get..my DH is going to file papers if i buy any more...LMAO!!! (I guess ill give him a pen..lol...only kidding...)

Take care all

Dewaine..thank you for posting and letting them see the beauty that i am in love with!!!

Thank you!!!


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Peg, thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Kirsten K. (Esther's Granddaughter) is the most beautiful, precocious, little girl you could ever hope to meet.

Laura,it's always my pleasure to have an opportunity to show off my little collection of plants. As I said, I gave away most of the truck load of cuttings of Mango Beauty that John gave me. I even took a trunk load to the SCPS meeting and passed them out. So there's no telling who has them by now. I was just calling them "John's Rainbow" back then. Sonia suggested "Mango Beauty" and it suits it very well I think.

I put a couple of my remaining cuttings in the ground last year and if they do as well as I expect, I'll most likely be able to share a piece with you this year. Wish I had kept more for myself now. :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Dewaine,

Sounds like those people at the SCPS were some lucky people!!! : )

That is one gorgeous tree !!!

Hopefully your trees will continue to grow and bloom like the pictures that you have posted in the past!! I;m sure you have a beautiful collection of trees in your yard.

Thank you for your response and i hope you have many blooms this summer!!

Take care,


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