Lady palm needs help I think

lukey23August 9, 2013

Don't know what's going on had it for 3 weeks was fine until I left for the week got back from holidays and it looks like its dying

Any help would be appriciated

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does indeed. How dry is the soil? Looks like a palm that is either totally dehydrated or one that is sitting in sloggy, soupy soil (Rhapis tend to tolerate that sort of soil pretty well though for quite some time before actually rotting, so I would guess this dried out).

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I've heard they don't like to be dry. I'm dealing with a different problem myself. They don't seem to be very wind tolerant and the trunks keep breaking.

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They cannot be allowed to dry out. This happened to me as well once! They have less drought tolerance than most palms AND they often do not show stress until it is too late. Wind, I don't have a problem with as of yet. Mine are outside for the season (in deep shade btw) as the summer monsoon goes on and on.

P.S., mine did eventually grow out of the drought damage but it took more than a couple of years to look full again.

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I'd think it's too dry as well. The leaflets show a bit of yellowing if there's too much water/root rot.

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So I've watered it and been spraying it a fair bit as was told that helps
Anything else I could do to help it out or too far gone?

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As I said above, might recover but will take time. Some trunks will just die off, some may survive. If it really recuperates, it will be from new suckering growth from below--which will be smaller plants. I would cut out anything dead at this point, make sure it does not go through more severe drought and hold off on feeding until there is some new growth. Good indoor palms with the exception that they really resent drying out and go into a quick decline if allowed to do so.

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It will definitely just be a waiting game. The fronds that are all browned out will not get green again so you'll have to wait for new healthy fronds to emerge. If all the fronds on the plant become brown and crispy, it's a good sign that there is no chance it will recover.

Good luck with it!

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