bottle palms two angles

andyandy(6bMI)August 26, 2010

Ok, ;ets see if i can post the pictures directly into this. Here are my two bottle palms. I think this is their 3rd summer. The smaller one got blown over at the roots in April and was really shaky. I thought it might be a gonner but a warm summer and two fronds later it is healthy as ever. Hey it worked!

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Congrats on figuring out how to post pics!! And your bottle palms look nice too. My bottle palm was also blown over at the roots but it didnt really have any more problems after I gave it more soil to support itself. My bottle didnt do so great this year but I did get 3 fronds out of. Even without its bottle trunk, they are still really nice palms. The fronds are so uniform and nice!
Good luck!

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I'm glad your made it. Mine would tip completely over so I needed to prop it up with a few stones. Now it is firmly in the soil. They do have pretty wide trunks but it will be fun to see them finally get that bottle shape. Good luck and thank you

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