Leaves curling up and some down

alpchilliApril 1, 2014

Hi sorry to keep bugging you all with my leaf problems:)

I'm still new to this and have a problem with my Satans kiss chilli plant and ske of my peter pepper plants.
In pictures I see everyone with perfect dark green leaves all standing up at a perfect 90degrees.
Only a few of my plants are so lucky.

Here is a picture of my Satans kiss (could only uploud one photo, will upload the others in the next post)
The leaves are closing length wise which never happened with the ones I had last year (actually my Satans kiss plants usually had the best leaves out of all the plants I had last year).
I thought maybe I over watered them as they had just been repotted.
They've been in the sun today for 2 hours and back under t5 lights now. The soil has completely dried so they are definitely not over watered. I've now watered a little bit and still no change. They are under t5 light 18hrs a day.
Just want to know if it's normal or if there is a problem?

I will post about my peter peppers underneath or in a new thread so that I can post a new picture (don't know why I can only add one per post:()

Thanks for any help

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Here's the problem some of my peter peppers are having, some worse then others. The leaves are just hanging and curling under. Hard to get a good photo. I've also let them dry out incase it was due to overwatering.

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

There could be a multitude of possibilities...
Just my 2 cents:
I've only had that upward curl (exactly like your photo) when I had an aphid infestation ... Check the bottom of your leaves to see if there is an issue.
The bottom curl I have had when my plants get shocked from a combination of light/heat/and drought... When watered better they perked up, but some leaves retained the bent appearance with no ill effects to the plant as a whole.

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