english lavender ?

DigginlifeJuly 16, 2011

First off I'm pretty sure ??? its English lavender(A)? : / Its 2 years old and bloomed very nicely already. I cut back the whole plant spent flowers and leaves but left 2-3 inches of green on the wood stems which I thought was recommended. I thought it would rebloom but Now some parts are dying.I'm in zone 6 gets morn and some afternoon sun and its been in the 90s past 2 weeks. Is this from me pruning ? heat? watering ? mulch more,less? No fertilizer was used. Any advice? I can take pics closer or underneath if needed.

Also was curious about "thing"(B) I left it for a while in fear of pulling up a flower Whats your take ? weed?

thanks all in advance !!

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It looks like your lavender has died back on the right and left. I don't know why, but you might as well cut those parts off. The middle looks nice and green, though, so I'd say the plant is okay. I have never had a lavender that rebloomed, but maybe some kinds do; hopefully someone more knowledgeable about them will chime in. IME, lavender likes good drainage more than anything else, and the presence or absence of mulch doesn't make much difference. Stick your finger in the soil and make sure it's not sitting with wet roots.

As to B - it looks to me like a young mugwort, which is not a good thing at all. I could very well be wrong,though, so you may want to take a closeup of just that plant and post it on the Name That Plant forum, as the people who answer there are magical.

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