Anyone growing Rooster Spur?

botanicatApril 29, 2012

These were so prolific for me last year, producing literally hundreds of pods on an attractive 2 ft. bush. I ended up giving most away that I didn't dry but didn't really didn't know a good use for them other than general seasoning. I believe they were once used for sausage-making. I have them going again so maybe I could use in hot sauce?

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You can use just about any pepper in a sauce, but will it taste good? Not sure since I never had that type of pepper. I grew some kung pao which sound similar small bush very prolific 100's of little peppers. I made into a sauce but did not care for them too many seeds and hassle of needing too many to make a sauce and the flavor was not the best for me. I just stick with the Bhut and Red Hab for sauce so far.

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