Honeysuckle - what's wrong?

scully931(6)July 1, 2010


As you can see there are yellow spots all over the leaves of my honeysuckle. It is still growing quickly.

I have fed it a few times this summer (MG) and water it if we go too long without rain. There have been no flowers yet. I sprayed it with Daconil last week.

Any idea what this is and what I can do to help it? Thank you.

Image link:

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

1. Is there something else on the plant that I can't see that required the fungicide ?

2. Hard to tell from the quality of the foto. Are there mites or other leaf-sucking insects on the undersides of the leaves?


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for responding. (Every picture I took was blurry. Will try for a better one tomorrow.)

No insects that I can see. I sprayed the Daconil because I thought... well, now that you ask that I feel stupid. ;-/ I just thought it would help. The plant got the same thing last year and after I sprayed Daconil it started coming back. Last year it was much worse and the whole thing died off.

But- nope- no bugs. Just mottled yellow and green leaves.

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