All moved in a couple of pics

andyandy(6bMI)August 22, 2012

It looks great outside but the inside is still a mess. I have two pictures. One is the front of the condo with my new Spindle, sabal, and Butia. The front of the condo faces south so the spindle is getting really good sun. The Sabal and the butia get sun all day although it is filtered.

The other shot is of the deck. I have my coconut and bottles out there and they get sun very early in the morning and well into the evening. these pictures were taken at 8:00 at my old house they would not get direct sun until about 10:00 The deck faces north but the sun is high enough that they get sun all day. in fact the coconut has pushed up a new spear since I moved them over on Saturday. Despite the fact that it has only been in the 70s and 50s at night. You will also see a number of potted hot pepper plants including 4 ghost peppers, a "naga viper" (hottest pepper there is) and some others.

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Your condo looks very nice! You still have plenty of room for potted plants and everything looks great in their spots!
Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the rest of the move!

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Alex, thank you, I'll post some new pics in the fall when I move everything in. I already have it in my mind. My coconut will be in the kitchen. There is a three window set up that faces south so it will get complete coverage from the sun. the spindle will be in the living room in a window that faces east. it will get morning sun and i think some sun from the two sky lights.

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Nice palms. Where in the world did you find ghost chiles. I've been looking for those all year. I'm a chili head but afraid of those. I've had Mrs. Renfro's ghost chile salsa which was quite good, much hotter than the habanero, very tasty, but powerful. I found some dried ones last year, but haven't used them yet. I'm the only one in my family that can tolerate that much heat. I make a pretty mean habanero sauce though. Love the fruity taste of the habaneros. I make a great roasted poblano sauce that the whole family loves too.

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Can you plant palms in the ground at the new place?

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Nice plants! Looks like you got enough room for more! :)

Good luck.

- US_Marine

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Nice place Andy. You should be proud. Looks like a good situation all around and very nice deck. Your palms will love all that sun.

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