Hot Cherry recipies

Phildeez(9b)April 13, 2011

I have spent an hour or two at this point searching for ONE recipe for a hot sauce or really anything using FRESH cherry peppers. Not the freakin trademarked jarred ones that are in every recipe i find!

I have a few plants and I have never messed with these peppers before. Anybody have any hot sauce or other recipes to share?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

As soon as Jim Shoontok sees this, I'm sure he'll reply.
I traded seeds with Jim, and I'm excited to try these peppers out.
Jim has an easy stuffed Cherry Pepper dish/recipe, which I can't quite recall.


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I could definitely see stuffing and baking them. I am curious as to what sort of things you would use to make a hot sauce. I am sure garlic, sugar, and salt would work; but I wonder what pairs particularly well with the cherry pepper's flavor, which I hear is very unique.

I am excited to taste these, just raw!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Well, for a hot sauce, I'd go with peppers, onions, garlic, some basil, maybe a tomato.
I also add a bit of celery, lime juice, black pepper, sugar, and salt to most salsas/sauces.
Makin' me hungry....


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Josh, do you generally stew your hot sauces a bit? Or just process/strain them fresh? I tend to prefer fresh salsas, but I have little experience with sauces and I would think you could develop the flavor of identical ingredients entirely differently with heat involved.

Here is another random question for you, or hopefully anyone else who wants to chime in:
When I make salsa, I find that tortilla chips, even "healthy" ones, are too many calories compared to how many I want to eat to get my fill of healthy salsa. My question is, what sort of mediums do you heat-heads use to devour gallons of pepper creations?!

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Cut the core out from up top. Hollow out the pepper and prepare to stuff.

Get some Prosciutto from yer food market or Italian Deli, as well as some Provolone Cheese. Lay a slice of prosciutto out and a slice of provolone and roll it up together and cut into pieces that will fit into the hollowed out pepper snugly. Place these stuffed peppers in a container of some sort or jar and submerge them in olive oil and refrigerate. These will stay good in the refrigerator for quite some time. For a litlle added kick roll up a small clove of garlic with the prosciutto and provolone. UMMMMMMM Gooooooooood!


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Aye, proscuitto, garlic, and cheese. How could ya go wrong?! I will definitely be trying that.

I am thinking of an asian inspired sauce, but that really depends on the nature of the peppers.
They are by far my earliest, at 55 days to maturity, supposedly, so I am planning them first.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

That's the one, Jim! Sounds so good!

Phil, you got it: salsas are fresh, sauces are stewed (heated).
Last year, I roasted some peppers on the grill and then chilled them in the 'fridge.
Once cool, I processed them for a smoky salsa. It was delicious, and hot....!

My brother and I make a Hmong dipping sauce (uncooked) called "pepper."
Basically, you smash some red and green Thai chiles in a mortar, add some green onion,
cilantro (or Asian culantro), a little lime juice, and MSG (or salt). If you're really
into Asian flavors, substitute fish sauce for the lime juice. And that's it.
Use this as a dipping sauce for just about any meat, or dab it on rice....
hot, salty, incredibly flavorful.


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I was just drooling over a Habanero Mustard recipe. Might try it out with a higher ratio of Hot Cherry.

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nytimes has a "tangy salted green chiles" recipe I like to use for preserving/pickling the raw red or green chiles for 1 wk or upto a month in the fridge. I give the chiles a quick rinse to get rid of excess vinegar, then chop them up or blend them with sugar, garlic, onion, maybe water, and a few other spices (whatever you like: ground coriander, white pepper, sumac, horse radish, etc.. just avoid any herbs if you want the sauce to work with more than one or two types of food). I've found it kindof difficult to judge the quantities of the extras when they're in the blender, so i've started giving them a quick chop and mixing in with all the extras in a non-reactive bowl, until i'm happy with the taste before finishing them off.

nytimes link:

Hope this helps. -E

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I am interested in pickling, but I find that I do not use them quickly and a jar will sit, after i open it, longer than I feel safe quite often.
A sauce, I can use a large number of peppers and they generally store quite well or I can freeze it if it is concentrated enough without much effect.
Plus I use the heck out of sauce and salsa, not so much pickled guys, unless they are going into a salsa!

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for hot sauce recipes go to

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Sauce making

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Its really funny you just said that, Gardendawgie. I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to post on there! Registered successfully but the site seems buggy.

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