Just discovered "Bonchi" (bonsai chilies) Does anyone have any?

littlepepperboyApril 26, 2013

Hi I just discovered Bonchi's and Im really excited about getting some going this year. the process is so simple, grow em big, cut em way back and stuff em in a tiny pot(oversimplified). I have so many chilies going this year, Im excited that now i have something new to do with some of them. I was going to experiment with grafting a little as well. Grafted bonchi's sound cool too!!
Does anyone have any examples of Bonchi's they're growing? Im curious what they look like after a few years or more.

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Yup, I grow some every year. Do a search for bonchi, you'll find several old threads on it.

Unfortunately, my best one to date (one with roots flowing down over a skull mountain aquarium display) was accidentally left outside and froze. Didn't make it.

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