Cuttings with inflo's

jeff_d_growerMay 16, 2010

I took 4 cuttings from a parent plant aprox 4 weeks ago and was surprised to find 3 of them are now showing inflo's. So I was wondering; do I treat them any differently from other cuttings? They are still in the greenhouse and not exposed to direct sun at the moment. The pots have also dried out from the initail watering. Any thoughts out there?

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I treat them the same as other cuttings. As long as the foliage continues to develop I'll leave the inflo. If I don't see any foliage growth I cut the inflo off so more energy can go to root development.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I agree with Karyn. energy put into the inflo is subtracted from rooting so if I want more roots, at any sign of weakness, I cut the inflo off. If I don't need to see the flower, I cut the inflo off.

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