How many peppers per planter?

leira(6 MA)April 12, 2012

I'm planning to grow at least some of my peppers in home made self-watering planters constructed out of kitty litter buckets. I'm not sure if I should plant one or two per planter.

I checked out what the Earthbox people say for their commercial planters, and I did the math for plants per cubic inch of potting mix. Just to make things difficult, this calculation suggests that I should plant 1.5 plants in each. Helpful!

What do you think? I realize this might vary a bit based on the variety. Two of mine are unknown varieties from non-English-speaking neighbors, but the others are: Jalapeno, Cayenne, Espanola Improved, Yummy, and Cubanelle. The unknown varieties are a sweet salad pepper (probably Italian), and a small red hot pepper (probably also Italian).

In case it changes anyone's opinions, I have no shortage of plants. I easily have 5x the number of plants I intend to grow.


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esox07 (4b)

Generally it is recommended that you plant one plant per container. I am not sure of the size of your planters but most use 3-7 gallon planters and I am sure the vast majority are planing one plant per container. Could you plant two or three individual plants in each container? Certainly. But you will likely get much less than three times the harvest that a single plant would produce. In fact, I am guessing you would likely get less than two times the output with three plant vs one plant. All plants will suffer if they have to share a container. Smaller containers would be better than potting up multiple plants in one single large container. For instance, you would likely get significantly more production out of two plants in individual 3 gallon containers than putting those two plants together in a single 6 gallon container.


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Well I would say one plant per box but it depends on your intentions. If you want a giant plant with tons of pods then go with that. If you prefer more variety but smaller plants and yields then go two plants per box. But The cayenne may steal alot of the sun from the jal's and cubanelle's. Make sure to plant species that have the same growth patterns to ensure two fairly equal plants. You know what I mean jelly bean:)


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I swear I posted first Bruce. How did you beat me to the punch? LOL I would not have said what was said.

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One plant per container, with as big of a container as you can get. I personally use 25 gallon tree containers for my peppers, those rinky dink 5 gallon buckets simply aren't big enough for me. Peppers grow great, and at the end of the year the entire thing is full of roots.

Bottom line, the bigger the pot, the better. I don't think you can buy a pot too big for peppers without getting into special order custom stuff.

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I make my own self watering containers with 18 gallon rubbermaid-style totes, I grew 2 big Jim plants in 1 last year and 2 poblano plants in another and I had pretty good results. I would confidently plant two slightly smaller sized pepper plants in those boxes this year. Perhaps 2 thai chiles or smaller cayenne types. I would even plant 2 similar jalapeno types in those boxes, because there is ample room and why waste that prime real estate on only one plant. I try to never go under 5 gallons of soil per plant but I've grown successfully in all size containers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out my chile pepper blog for recipes, tips and gardening info.

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