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PlumtxMay 11, 2014

Hi - does anyone know how to get information in advance about sellers that will be at the PSA show in Seabrook Texas in June? Also -- It is my understanding that varieties can be pre-purchased or reserved. I have never attended before. Any information about how to make the show most productive for a first -timer would be appreciated. I would be traveling from out of town to attend.

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I would love to know this information as well and if you haven't already, I would try posting this in the Texas section.

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kt2fl(okla z7)

I have NOT heard of pre-purchasing/reserving for varieties before the sales. As the event is sponsored by the PSA, proceeds will go to supporting the society.

If you don't know the sellers personally, they're likely not to sell to you outside of the sale and would just tell you to buy from them at the event. I have to warn you that sellers do trade plants with each other before the doors open. Unless your wish list has common varieties, your chances of getting the rare ones is really up to luck.


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Plumtx, I replied to your email about this, too.

Most of the sellers are private collectors, but big nurseries like Florida Colors will also be there with a huge selection. Contact them if there's something specific you want, like a larger tree, and ask if you can pre-pay and have them bring it for you.

The PSA website is down for re-vamping but they're on Facebook. The first sale is June 14th in Seabrook, and the next is in July some time in Ft. Bend. Both are excellent and you should come with a list and a pull cart or huge bag. There aren't always shopping baskets available and they go fast.

Take a partner to watch your plants as you shop. People either accidentally or purposefully take plants out of baskets if they're not watched. Blooming plants go first.

Wherever you're coming from it's worth the trip! And a dangerous place to take your wallet.

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Hi John,
I got your message but I could not reply to it. I changed the settings in my profile. Send yours again and I will reply.

The sellers at the PSA sale have till June 4 to send in the cultivars they will be selling so the list will be available between June 4 and 14, most likely about one week before the sale.


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will these be the only two sales in texas? I tried to look at the psa website but couldn't bring up the sales section. Just got back from a trip to Emersons so I shouldn't be asking but.....


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Yes, 2 sales.
Emerson can be dangerous can`t he?
unfortunately, or fortunately, he lives 2 blocks from my brother.

there are a lot of growers in this area, look on Craigslist Houston as some do sale from their homes and sometimes post there.
Tally HO!

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I am going will be my first year

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I am also looking to attend the psa sales this year...but may not be able to make it dependin on what shift I am working those weeks. I am looking to expand what I have and can't seem to find anyone in Montgomery County, Texas or on the north side of Houston. If you have any ideas or contact that would be great. I love going to Emerson's but I am only allowed to go once a year when we go to Galveston with the kids.

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