sick Monkey Puzzle tree

normana61August 18, 2013

transplanted from two 10 gallon pots two monkey puzzles in the ground about six months ago. they were healthy but had brown spots and what looked like calcium deposits that could not be picked off.

since being potted in the ground a few other problems have arise. brown tips and the new growth has what seams like dried up tips. when researching these plants they cannot tolerate to much moisture. these are planted south facing humid sw florida.

should these be dug up and placed in a northern exposure or are they doomed because of the high heat and humidity. mid 90's and rain every afternoon, sub tropical climate.

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Looks like sunburn to me.

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Monkey puzzle trees don't like extreme heat. I would recomend moving it to the north side preferable with some shade.

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I thought it could be sunburn, other areas the tips are bone dry, that should be live tissue, they were doing much better in the pots, they were right inline with the sprinkler system and were getting soaked every third day. I noticed allot of new growth then, it wasn't an issue of overwatering as the pots would just drain fast.

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My small one looked the same this Summer, previous years it was fine! I tossed it out. Giving up on this plant.

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