My cucumber plant is turning pale and blossome dropping off

tracychowJuly 26, 2014

I'm a newbie in gardening. i started growing the cucumber this april and they were growing well.
3 weeks ago, the plants start to have male flowers buds and i have found some female flower bud since last week.
however, the many of the male flower buds drop off before it opened. And i found my plants are getting pale.
what's wrong with my plants? am i watering too much or less or the sun is too strong? Please help!

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That plant is showing signs of chlorosis, or yellowing of the leaves, and that has numerous causes ranging from lack of nutrients to the pH of the growing medium.
The pot that is growing in may be too small, the growing medium may lack the nutrients the plant needs, or a combination of those.

Here is a link that might be useful: About chlorosis

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

cukes are full blistering sun plants ...

i think you are doing brilliant with it indoors ... getting it as far as you did ..

but i am not sure ... no matter what the issue is.. that you will get much further ...

full sun plants.. abort flowers in lack of full sun .. and unless you are hand pollinating them.. there is probably no pollinator working them.. unless you have a hive of bees indoors also ...

solving the chlorosis.. might not get you produce ....

i think i see salt stains on the media ... and that is the beginning of media issues ... watering issues.. and drainage issues ... along with the lack of sun ...

there have to be more favorable plants to grow indoors ... perhaps many of the herbs .. but high production plants are going to be a problem ... there has to be other forums.. where you could learn about pots.. media.. and growing things indoors ... for your future attempts ...

dont let this stop you.. as a newb ...


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hi kimmsr,
thanks for your information, i will try to feed them fertilizer and see does it help. :)

hi Ken,
yes, i will try hand pollination. but since the female flowers are not open. so i cant do it at this moment.
anyway, it's so lovely to see the little cucumber is getting big. it's now about 1.5 cm in length :)

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