Home Depot plumeria

seaecho1(SW CA)May 18, 2007

Got another plumeria at Home Depot (the last one is recovering from dog bites). Its in a 1 gal. pot right now, a little less than 2 ft. tall. The tag says plumeria Frangipani, Tradewinds Collection, Plant Source, Inc., but does not state what color the blooms will be. Is there any way of knowing? Thank you.


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I don't think there's any way of knowing until your plant blooms. Frangipani is another name for plumeria and the rest is the grower/wholesale nursery. They are all pretty so there's no way you can lose : ) Are there any roots coming out from the bottom of the pot? If so you might want to transplant to a larger container, if not just feed and water and wait for the flowers.

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Hi Randi,
I got the same type rooted plant from home depot, with an inflo, long leaves, same grower. I did transplant it to another 1 gallon pot with richer soil. The plant went into some leaf transplant shock, but coming out of it..I won't know what color the flowers are until it blooms, or if it blooms. hope hope. Does yours have a inflo, where flowers will develop?
Karen B

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seaecho1(SW CA)

Nope, no inflo yet on mine. I like not knowing how the blooms will look - I'm sure that no matter what, I'll be pleasantly surprised!

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I, too, have a Home Depot plumie from that Tradewinds Collection and my flowers ended up being pink on the outside, fading into white and with a yellow center.

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Hi plumienewbiesd..
Oooh that sounds pretty. love to see a picture of it, maybe can be identified. Mine seem to be slow.. ha have white tops showing, not developing into total buds, so far.
Karen B.

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Hi seaecho.
thats super wanting the surprise to wait. But these plants might take two years to bloom. If I have a chance to see a bloom now, jump at it. ha I don't have many blooms.
Karen B.

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hey karen, here are some pics of my very first plumie bloom...EVER! (bought my first plumie in december, bought this guy back in mid-april)

i consider this cheating since i bought this plumie that already had inflos while i'm still struggling on some other cuttings i have. heheh...

the flowers were pretty small, though...less than 2 inches. =(

you think you or someone can identify it?

the day it bloomed:

three days later as it fades:

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pharoah(Sherman Oaks CA)

Those are very pretty flowers. They are small because of it's first time blooming on a small root system. In subsequent years the flowers should get bigger.

Very nice!

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Hi Plumienewbiesd, ..
Never never cheating to buy a plant with inflos.. Its glorious!!! I have bought two I just bought with inflo's, have no idea what they are, I want flowers!! ha

When I came on this forum last year, I bought a couple plants with inflos, think playful and pacific pearl, Per Tony he advised me to buy them, bought them.... When they bloomed I was so excited, I had a flower! I instantly showed it just like you, kept looking at it.. so neat. ..I had jut a few blooms last year, was so hot. So this year am waiting for blooms to come too. So CONGRATS!!!

Its such a pretty flower, where did you get it? Yes hope someone can identify it. What is your name?

Tony, my plant from mainly seconds has red buds coming, hope like yours, newbals rainbow.
Karen B.

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Hi again,
you have cutting problems? Ask some questions, you will get help on here.

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that is a very nice looking plumeria you got there. especially from home depot. Congratulations. I don't know the name for it, but it is beautiful. I agree with Tony above, when he says the flowers will get larger as the plant matures.


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Hi plumienewbiesd - that's a very nice pink plumie...could it be the one they call "Playful"? And welcome to the Plumeria addiction play ground.


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Tony/John, thanks for explaining why the blooms are small. That makes sense to me now.

KarenB, my name is Arlene, and I think I'm starting to become a plumeriaholic. ;) that plumie bloom pic is from the Home Depot plant I got last month.

Hey Kasie, thanks for the welcome into this addiction playground. I'm more of a lurker trying to learn as much as I can on here since this is my first plumie season. Where can I find a pic of "Playful?" Or do the nurseries give their own name to their plumies?

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Hi Arlene - when you buy from Home Depot, it is usually CStars Nursery plumerias. I still have a few of their plumerias in my collection. Check with Armstrong nursery as to when their Hawaiin week sales is. It's quite a bargain at one of their sales.


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Here in the Phoenix Arizona area Home Depot last year sold plumeria too. The were from the Plant Shed. They were sold by colors and were great for the money. Not all of them were rooted, you need to check. A friend said her HD plumeria is already blooming up a storm!

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Hi Arlene,
I will try and find a picture of playful and put it on, a favorite of mine, is a plant that puts out many flowers, all different shades of pink to white, and smells great. Pretty close to what you showed.

I was told at Home Depot In So. CA area, C-Stars nursery has had a hit this year in So. CA, lot of the plants froze. So Home depot in my area are using another grower. Armstrong nurseries usually carries them in May hawaii days, checked with them, said would be july. So some plants are late here. Your plant is pretty, if playful is a nice one.
Oh...its great to be a PLUMIEhaulic on here..great fun.
Karen B.

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Kasie, my first plumie I got (the one I bought back in december) from Home Depot is a CStar Nursery one. The tag said "Yellow." I will check out my Armstrong Nursery sometime and see what they have... though, I like the insurance that HD has: you can return within a year w/ receipt if it doesn't do too well. ;) but then again, after reading a lot on this forum, "never give up on a plumie."

But last month, I didn't see any CStars just the Tradewinds Collection Plant Source, Inc.

KarenB, I'm in socal, too, so that's probably why I didn't see any CStars this time around.

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Hi Arlene - another good place to check is Walmart. A couple years ago, the stickers on the pots say Hines Nursery. Price was less than $10 for a 1 gallon pot.

If the leaves are reddish, most likely will be red flowers.


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