Pindo growth for year...

mastiffhoo(7)August 5, 2010

Hey guys, I really had not noticed the growth of my Pindo untill I looked at photos from last year. The best way to tell is to use the fence for refernce. Also, I have a trachy that really took off this year after 2 years of slow growth... In the mix are some nanners and sabal brazoria which is producing seeds -

Last year Pindo:

This year Pindo:

Various photos:

Fall view from home:

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Brian, wow I am amazed at how much your Pindo Palm grew. All that in ONE year. It grew faster than the Tracky!

I recall you are located in SE PA. Is that right? I know your summer has been hot too. Did you have enough rain or have to water you palms? My pindo is the same size as yours last year. If mine Grows that much I will be really glad.

All the other plants are amazing too.

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Thanks for the feedback: I'm actually in central Virginia, and we have had a hot summer - not as hot as Richmond or Williamsburg, but still very hot (I like it). Where I am located, we have had VERY little rain - very frustrating so I have been watering my palms about once every two weeks.
Good luck on your Pindo - I would love to see its progress.

Oh, just for reference - I did not give my Pindo ANY heat or extra mulc - I only covered her for protection - this year I think I will do Christmas lights, just to make sure!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Yeah, its been painfully dry here also. All these big storms seem to hit the same hilly terraine and us along the urban coast get a trace of rain week after week.

I agree a prize pindo like that deserves some lights just in case it gets too cold. Covering it was wise, especially after people lost uncovered butias south of you.

Well I have my pindo palm's baby pictures now saved and lets see how she does:) She is still growing fast. I snipped off only the bottom leaves that were on top of the ground. Did you use fertlizer?

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I fertilize twice a year - carl pools palm fertilizer.

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Great pics! Your pindo puts mine to shame!! Next year Im going crazy with fertilizer on it. Mine has pushed one leaf for the year and finally another leaf is showing but it didnt grow even a little until about late june. It didnt get any winter damage but it sure slowed down. And all your plants are looking so nice and healthy! Looks like a great growing season and still about 3 more months to go!! Dry here also this summer but my plants were also really loving the heat!
Good luck, thanks for sharing!!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Brian,

Everything looks great...your yard looks so lush and tropical!!! Is the pool new?

I love the walkway...did you put that in yourself?

That pindo is looking very healthy and what ever you are doing...keep it up!!!

Love the dogs too! We need to start a thread with our little pooches and palms of course!!!

How are you and the family? Did you have that storm that pasted through tonight? We picked up a few inches of much needed son thinks I'm nuts moving around my rain barrals. Now I've added other five gallon buckets along with my two twenty gallon barrals!!! The more I collect, the more I want to collect even more!!! LOL.... serious problem...(I know...LOL...)

I'm bringing my son up to VT soon to help with the second move.....uggg!!! If you need anything just let me know!!!

Take Care...and what a great looking place you have!!!

Laura in VB

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Thanks TZ7. I have had good fortune with my Pindo this year. Maybe a dry summer with constant 90+ degree days helps?? I have not watered my Pindo but a few times this year - even when we had no rain for over a month!!

Laura - how are you? It is really nice hearing from you! Me and the family are doing great and after summer intensives, I am finally enjoying the little summer I have 'till school starts again in the fall (the life of a return college student). How is your family doing? We did get a pretty good rain last night. It seems like where we are next to the mountains, all the storms usually miss us by a few miles. It is such a tease seeing the clouds build up, hearing the rumble of thunder - for it to constantly go around us!

Coming from you (concerning the Pindo) that is a compliment. Other than two feedings with Carl Pools fert, I am letting her do her own thing.
The pool and walkway were already here when we moved in (the best way to buy a pool haha).
I really would like to invest in a rain barral (or two. guess we need rain first however :)
I know it is always fun moving LOL - sorry about the VT part of it - LOL - UVa is on the way, if you would rather stop there instead ;) - If you and your family wanted to stop on the way there or on the way back to see the house, please feel free :)


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Really impressive growth-it is amazing when you look at pics and see how much stuff really grows.

I would not have believed how fast my Castor bean plants grew in June if I didn't have pics-I checked the dates several times,I was so surprised!

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Thanks Jim! I'm learning the value of a photo :)

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Your yard is beatiful. You obviosly take great care of your palms in the winter. My buddy lives about 18 miles out of State College and has a similar view.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Brian....DId you see the news tonight about the Hokies?

Yes.....They were ranked 6th in the nation...Go Hokies!!!

Sorry it's a little off topic...But very important just the same...We will do the wave when passing UVA!!! LOL...

Good old family feud...Got to love it!!!

I'll email you about when we travel up to the mountains...take care Brian....

Laura in VB

P.S. are those Cavs ranked? HEE HEE.....LOL!!!

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hardy har har Laura - UVa did not sell their soul for football - now if you want to talk the whole package as entire sports programs- Tech doesn't hold a candle ;)
Congrats on pre-season #6 - will it last? hmmm? Very difficult first game...

Anyway - got to love the rivalry!!

Please let me know - I informed my wife I invited you and your family - so y'all are more than welcome!


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neonrider(USDA 8A ^ Sunset 31 ^ Mid-SC)

Hey any growth to YOUR PINDO since last night? We all are watching, holding our breath.

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Wow! I kinda thought you were in Virginia from that last pic. When I lived in Virginia, I had lots of beautiful views like that. Im a hokies fan too,lol.
Its cool because Laura is in VA, Brian is in VA, and I was born and raised in VA.

Nice plants too. I really want to grow a pindo. Your other ones look fantastic too!


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earthworm73(WA z8)

Nice growth on that pindo and nice garden overall. I have a couple questions for ya. What do you do for that brugmansia come winter? What kind of fertilizer are you using for your palms and tropicals?

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That's some nice growth for a pindo. The trachy is really impressive too. The mountain view is similar too mine. I know I get all my bad weather from over the mountains, and the palms on that side get extra winter protection.

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hi chadec... well, that pic was taken in 2010. Sorry to say I had to lay the Pindo to rest :( She did not make it over this past winter. It wasnt the coldest winter, but it was a wet winter. I believe I could have got by with just covering her, but I failed to do so and now I am suffering the consequences. I knew I was pushing the limits anyway. A pretty crape myrtle is in its place.

Good news is, the Tracy that you see in the background is really taking off. Close to 6' now...
I'll try to post late summer pics later :

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