getting ready for next year, containers.

slowpoke_gardenerSeptember 28, 2013

As I get older and more unable to do the things I did the year before, I have decided to try some container growing next year. Here is a picture of one of the types of containers I hope to use. This is the largest type I plan on using, and will drop down to about a 5 gal. bucket size. I will have to start out slow and learn as I go as to what fits where.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Hi Larry,

I hope you are recovering well from surgery.

I grow a lot in containers the size of the one you've pictured. There are lots of plants that grow well in them. I think peppers produce even better in containers than in the ground, for example.

The only difference with smaller containers (as long as you aren't trying to grow huge indeterminate tomato plants in them) is that they need to be watered more often. If you set them up with drip irrigation on a timer, they are very low-maintenance. Also, since they are watered more often, the nutrients can leach out more quickly so you may have to fertilize them more often to compensate for that. However, you can have great harvests of many kinds of veggies from containers that size.


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Dawn, thanks, my shoulder is better. I am 24 days out of surgery and can lift my right hand and touch my mouth, but not much more. The Delta reverse joint that I have is a last ditch effort to control pain and still have an arm that will function some. The therapy seems to help, but it is not a lot of fun. I am torn between doing too little and too much.

It will be a learning curve for me to grow anything in a contained, but am ready to learn.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

My friend lives in town and he has had lots of yellow sweet banana peppers in a pot on his patio. It isn't that big of a pot and he eats as many peppers as he wants from it. I have some sweet peppers in a pot and they are doing well now. When we had that rain in August they got spots on their leaves and then lost the leaves. I think most gardeners plant more than they need. I know I have too many tomatoes. I think if you only grow what you most like to eat and only enough for yourself that you garden would not have to be very big.

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