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ladyver(9)May 14, 2014

I have a bunch of Hilo Beauty cuttings that I'm putting through an experiment to help me figure out the best way to root this variety. I've never paid attention to what the callous looks like on any of the hundreds of cuttings I've rooted before (all different varieties), but I do notice that I lose about 25-50% of the really "hard to root" varieties. Each Hilo Beauty cutting was treated with 1, 2, 3, or 4 different substances that I had on hand, and I have one as a control with no treatment. All are in a bin with mulch, and are raised above the mulch on a wire rack. What's the minimum amount of time I should keep them there and what's the maximum amount of time? If anyone has pictures of their callouses, could you post them on this thread? I'm trying to figure out what a perfect callous looks like vs an average one vs a bad one, and when to make the decision to pot them up. I have a pretty good idea but I'd love to compare someone else's pictures and read what you have to say about it! Thanks!

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I would look for some posts from 2012 or 13 from "Citizen Insane" which he posted about the callous process and even dissected some cuttings. Very informative info and may help your experiment.

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