7-8 different pests - please help identify!

nostalgicgardenerJuly 18, 2014

Hello everyone. I found several pests in my garden this year and would very much appreciate your help with identification and any suggestions for remedies.

1. I believe these are spider eggs on the netting around my raised beds.

2. Gooey white substance. Unsure what this is.

3. Found these on the under sides of the leaves of my broccoli and kale plants.

4. This white stuff just recently appeared on the top side of a few leaves on a broccoli plant.

5. Found this guy underneath a kale leaf. No idea what this is.

6. Found this guy underneath a kale leaf. No idea what this is.

7. I believe this is a cabbage worm/moth. They are wreaking havoc on my broccoli plants and on some plants have consumed almost entire leaves!

This is my 3rd year with an outdoor vegetable garden. Outdoors, I've never had problems that a little neem oil spray couldn't solve. However, this was my first year having a lot of house plants. I had a TON of gorgeous, exotic house plants. I thought I had seen it all after fighting mealy bugs, white flies, fungus flies, and even mushrooms growing out of the soil. Boy, was I wrong!

I really prefer to keep things organic. I did resort to pyrethrum for the indoor infestation. But those were not edible plants. However, any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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1. Could be a Spiders egg mass. If so they are not pests but are beneficial, although passive. At this time do nothing.
2. Where was this found?
3. Could be eggs of the Imported Cabbageworm or Cabbage Looper.
4. Might be Powdery Mildew.
5. Unidentifiable from that picture.
6. Unidentifiable from that picture.
7. Could be the Imported Cabbageworm or Cabbage Looper.
Early control of these cabbage pests involves the use of Bacillus thuringinsis - Kurstaki with Spinosad for later stages.
The pyrethrums are very broad spectrum poisons that should be used only as a last resort.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

1. Not a spider eggs, but who knows what?

2. Can't really see this one. From the picture, I'd "guess" spider egg mass, lol.

4. What plant? Doesn't seem like PM, more like sawfly damage?

5. Leaf hopper of some species.

6. Aphid Mummy....the swollen remains of a parasitized aphid. Good that you have active biological control in your garden....but look out for aphids feeding in your plants.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

4. possible environmental damage -- Image of larger portion of the plant might help us determine what it is

7. caterpillar - possible diamond back moth -- Doesn't really matter because it's eating your edible leaves - squish it. Next time you plant, immediately add row cover. Doing so now could be hazardous in that the caterpillars will have sheltered site to feed at will.

8. possible bird damage - resembles what the goldfinches did to my orach this year.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

as to your title alone... every bug you find.. is NOT a pest ...

words mean things.. and pests mean eradication is necessary ...

if you begin with the premise .. that everything is a pest ... i think you are starting on the wrong foot ...

dont get me wrong.. knowledge is power.. and to ID bugs is fantastic ... but every bug is not a pest ..


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

And some pests, when few in number, are not a problem.

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