Need Help with Sick Raphis Palm

anand_growAugust 17, 2010

My Raphis Palm is looking pretty sick. Many of the leaves are crunchy and brown. The leaves are also closing up and becoming shrivelled.

But at the top, there are leaves that are doing fine so I know its not fully dead yet.

Any tips or idea? I have pictures if that might help someone.


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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Yes, send some pictures. Usually these things pass once it is addressed.

I would also google what sort of climate and soil it likes - considering if it likes it dry or moist or full sun or part etc.. Lets see if someone here knows exactly what that palm likes.

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yes happened to mine last year... this palm tree doesn't like full sun it is one of the best indoor palms in the world also loves tons of water! almost the soil always moist... that is your problem i think. hope your lady palm does better soon! -Justin in VB

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Is is inside or outside. If its outside, it needs pretty much full shade and it cant go dry. Once it gets used to the sun, it can handle maybe partial sun, but it needs lots and lots of water. Its a great indoor plant, but make sure it gets a bright location and again, lots of water. A very good soaking once a week indoors should be good, but it should be watered every day outside if its warm outside.
Good luck!

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I agree with TZ, it sounds like a bad case of under watering. They are water lovers that can fail to show signs of insufficient watering until they collapse. Also, protect from excessive sun outdoors. This one needs a outside position more sheltered from strong sun, high heat, and drying winds (compared to many species). Mine once went went through this after a lapsed watering or two--it eventually recuperated.--Give it water and time.

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I have the same problem. Thought it was nematodes but I prefer this diagnosis. Have pictures but don't see an option to attach them.

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water it and give it shade

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