any issues with bring back cuttings from key west?

kingbingo(texas)May 14, 2014

Do I have to have them inspected like in Hawaii or can I just throw them in my bag and get on the plane? This would be flying back to Texas.

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Good to go. Only way its an issue is if you are packing out of season lobsters with it.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

I dont think you need a permit for plumeria transported across state lines, but they MAY want it to be accompanied with a Phytosanitary certificate.

Best to contact the authorities to make you dont get fined or anything. For Texas, try the contact below reguarding your quest.

Export Certification Specialist:
Joyce Sterling
Mailing address: Post Office Box 610063, DFW Airport , TX 75261
Physical address:1639 West 23rd Street, Suite 190, DFW Airport, TX 75261
Phone: 972-574-7330
Fax: 972-574-6881

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I had no problems bringing back four large cuttings in February. I was walking up the street and started chatting to a lady doing spring cleanup in her front yard and told her I was new to plumeria. She gave me the cuttings and I had no problem bringing them back to Maryland. In fact, the flight attendants put them in the coat closet for me so they wouldn't get broken. Two of the four are finally showing leaf growth.

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I just stuck my cuttings in a blue wal-mart freezer bag, and carried it on the plane back to Texas. If you get a chance to walk down the subdivision streets in Key West, You can get all kinds of tropical plant seedlings. It rains almost every day there, I found Jacaranda Tree seedlings where the street pavement meets the curb, on the street, I just pulled them up, with the dirt, and put them in a paper towel until I got back to the room. I went to Home Depot and bought some potting soil, and potted them in small coffee cups. They also came back to Texas in the blue Wal Mart bag, with 4 desert roses, and my cuttings. Barbra

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi There!!!

I don't think you have any problems at all..

Those flight attendants can be very understanding., ;-)

No worries about bringing them from Key West ....

Just make sure your carryon fits in the overhead or under your seat!! Lol. Or make room in your checked bag!!! Or... Both!!! HA!!

The scanners at security won't hurt then either ...

Have fun!!!


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no restrictions to bring them to Texas. Citrus is another story.
Tally HO!

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